My positive experience with ZFS on Manjaro

I recently built a server with Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop for the native ZFS support, and then quickly replaced it with Manjaro because the Desktop configuration was too bloated in Ubuntu. Even more recently, I updated the server when Manjaro 18.1.2 became available, which included a kernel update to 5.3.7. ZFS survived the update, as I thought it would since zfs-linux was listed to support the 5.37 kernel. This is my first foray into using ZFS and my ZFS experience has been silky smooth and nothing short of amazing so far. I'm loving the ZFS compression and the caching, and the read performance on my striped mirrored pool blows me away. For those who are using ZFS, I'd love to know what your experiences are. I keep reading about apocalyptic warnings of ZFS on linux like this post, but I'm blown away with how ZFS is performing for me so far, albeit it I just started with it. I'm relatively inexperienced in ZFS, so forgive me if I'm missing anything obvious.

Good to hear.
So far .. the main thing I hear about ZFS is that it may randomly become 'unreliable' - as in at some point it may just poo out. If it hasnt for you so far (and development is ongoing) then thats a good thing.

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