My take on Manjaro (from a windows\former LM user)

Flameshot is best in my opinion

Maybe it's because arch/arch-based users tend to explain things more in-depth than some other distros & forums. We work closer to linux; instead of having a thick layer on top (like how I feel Ubuntu and it's derivatives do).

No! I was wrong, screenshots are evil!!!! They take up server space. We should be content with text (or clay tablets if available) :wink:

Thank for your tip! It would be a long trip, so I might just start to update my progress here..

Thanks! I have settled down for scrot.. might change it in the future but for now it works so I don't bother with it

Haha, lucky me I barely even screenshot, just when I do stuffs like this (second time?)

EDIT: does someone know how to unite my comments? I feel like i'm missing something

Instead of triple posting, you can just put it all in one post. You can quote text you are responding too, or use @ to tag someone.

But they are so pretty!

Btw @Yuvalahd12, every month in our artworks category, we have a screenshot topic if you ever want to view it. That and /r/unixporn are nice to view.

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Or you mark a part of the post and click on "Quote" which appears on to of the marked texts, then write your answer below, then mark another part of a post which can be from a different user and click "Quote" again, and so on.

@realmain I hope that I do it right :stuck_out_tongue: thank you!

TBH, part of what made me look into linux was them screenshots. Never achieved something that is close to that on LM, so I really hope that I could go into the level of these screenshots.

@eugen-b thanks a lot, really appreciated. I think I get it!

Anyhow, I am going to edit my log, and if I will not be tired enough I might post here. Good luck to me!

Good stuff you learned :grinning:

Hope you have fun with manjaro. Welcome to the forums!

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Depending on the games you play, there's a chance that some of them also work on Linux, either with Steam (easy) or Wine (not so easy).
While Windows remains the platform of choice for gaming, there's now also a good and quite large selection of games available on Linux.

@Chrysostomus Haha, even on day one Manjaro made me smarter..

Thank you!

@anon23612428 yep in face I know that MC and TF2 work, but I heard that performance are worse because there's no directx support? Anyway I will install them just because I am too lazy somtimes..
I also play sims 4 which I heard is working, but only thorugh wine and it will be a hassle to set it up.. lets see if I could find time for it

DirectX is Windows only indeed, Linux games uses OpenGL.
But there isn't necessarily a difference in performance except for ported games (i.e. games that weren't developed for Linux, but ported after release by companies like Feral, which includes games like CoH2, F1, XCOM etc.).

Source engine based games work very well (CS:GO, TF2, L4D2, DoI etc.), Unreal engine based games should be fine too, as do many games that were right from the beginning developed to support all platforms (games from Paradox, many indie games)

Wine games can be quite difficult to setup, but luckily the Wine App database has valuable information. Some games even work basically out of the box without much user intervention (example: No Man's Sky).

It's worth a try at least for your favourite games, dual booting is annoying... :slight_smile:

Thank you! You sure did made me wanna try to install my games right now. Will update soon!

Install steam-native and steam-manjaro (I install both, makes it work better for me). And install your games and try them out. If they don't work, ask in this forum so that we can see what is wrong. We have a category for games.

If you want to play a Windows only game, you can check WineHQ appdb to see how well it works in Wine. You can use Wine itself, via PlayOnLinux, or via Lutris. I personally use Lutris to install my Windows games. PlayOnLinux & Lutris uses scripts to install the games for you. I am currently playing FFXIV on Manjaro which is a Windows & MacOS game.

Luckily for me, most of my games are available on Linux such as Metro 2033, Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, Transistor, Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny, Divinity: Original Sin, Cities: Skyline, etc etc :slight_smile:

Just install Lutris and run this installer. Looks like Sims 4 has a very high rating for Wine, so the game should work fine.

Thank you for the tip! May I ask how does it help? I can see that I already have steam installed here

That looks worth investigating, now I guess I will have what to do on Saturday.. Yay.. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just a newb question here: from reading your explanation I understand that there is not a big difference between PlayOnLinux or Lutris. Is it right? and if there is one (I mean there must to be, they are separate programs for a reason) is it major? In anyway, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

Thank you!! That's really nice to hear, so now when SIMS, MC, TF2 can all run in manjaro I guess I have no use for windows :wink:

I have also updated my 2nd day using manjaro, really been a pleasure.

The preinstalled steam doesn't launch for me because it's missing some files it seems. Mainly a Radeon open source driver thing if I recall correctly? That's how I fixed that issue.

Both of them are prewritten scripts by users to assist other users install games to be able to play via Wine. I prefer Lutris because of the UI and the smoothness of it.

I feel like you should choose one. they work differently.
what you describe of not launching sounds alot like the common error, that is so common it has a preinstalled script on manjaro to fix it :

Well, when you install both, there is still only 1 launcher anyway. If I still either by itself it doesn't work.

I've actually never seen that workaround before o O, but if there is a workaround, shouldn't it automatically be included in steam-manjaro when you install it?

I have noticed that installing both steam-manjaro & steam-native fixes a lot of steam issues for many users including myself.

I'll step in here before the thread goes too far into a general "personal assistant" thread as that's not the point of the #general-discussion:user-stories category.

If OP has any other specific questions they can start a thread (after searching the forum for similar topic, of course).

Well it sounds like like the OP is having some fun with Manjaro. In my case Manjaro is the best distro I have used so far. Keep up at it and you will go far.

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