my 'unsolved' questions

how i could read my unsolved questions?
i searching for this

You check your user activity and see all the stats


empty trash :wink:

In other words: is it possible to list all unresolved posts that come from me with just a single link?
I tried the settings using the advanced search. I can choose different categories there, such as open posts. But I only want the unresolved posts. Is that possible? I would find that very useful.

No, that will I hope never be possible. Self-solving is already frowned upon and that would be worse still. You need to go through and give reasons why topics are solved, not just blanket solve them from a central place. That way users with the same issue stand a chance of finding your solution and thanking you or the person that solved it for you at a later date.

^--- there was a typo.
Off cours you are right. I just want an overview of those that not solved. It could be that I solve a problem over time, or with the help of others (not from this forum). It is cleard for me and maybe also helpful for others.

By the way what advantage should sombody have if he would not solve problems himself ("Self-solving "). Or would solve it yourself, but would keep this secret? Or did I misunderstand something?

In the meantime you can look through all your created topics here

The solved ones are those with the check mark in front - the rest would be unsolved then..

Yes if found that:

So thats not possible:

probably thats usefull unouf for most users. For users that have unsolved problems over many month its then needed copy the permalinks extern to some document. ok, thanks, i have to do that.

You could just use the bookmarking ability of your browser..

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Bookmarks are soooooo 2004!

Surely you mean to say: bookmarks are a mature technology and withstood the test of time :bookmark:

Ah, yes, of course, that's what I was trying to say! Non-native speaker here :wink:

The issue arises when people self-solve and do not share what they did to fix the problem they were experiencing after asking the question on these types of forums. That in a nut shell is why it is usually discouraged. You have posted one suggested solution along with your self-solves but a lot of people don't and it is considered very rude and selfish behaviour.


Stackoverflow was (or still is) like that. I suspect the motivation to mark a task as solved is on the one hand personal statistics on beautiful (numer of solved questions) and on the other hand giving in to a sense of order. I have sometimes seen a post live very long because someone always writes something new (redundant) about it. The longer it gets, the sooner that happens. I think if it is solved it should be marked as solved. Maybe you should check whether someone marks a post as solved without explaining why. That was your argument. I don't know how that would be technically possible. I have a positive image of people and especially here in this forum.
Perhaps an extra question for people who have been registered for less than a year, whether you are sure and whether you have explained the solution well. Incidentally, it often happens that there is no longer a problem without knowing why. Or that a measure solves a problem but does not explain it (completely). This has happened to me here in this forum several times. And unfortunately it wasn't always possible to understand reasons.

I think the main issue is not necessarily self solving, it's people who self solve, mark the post with a solution, and don't actually enter a solution. Making it a dead post for future users who may be trying to solve a similar issue.

They are trying to avoid the infamous


and that's it, nothing else posted, marked as solution, but no real solution.

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A recent example would be this one

By that OP logic, the responses on the forum should be given in less than one hour time-span, and the solution that can solve ALL the issues is to reinstall...

That’s why I have multiple computers, if one is down, no big deal. Now back in the day when I only had one laptop, yeah I can see that solution when you just want to game. Call it impatient youth.

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