My USB is unmounted and format but error "no burners are currently available" comes up on xfburn?

What GUI do you use: KDE, Gnome or...

I use kde.

When you insert the USB stick into a USB port and
on console, what is the output?

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 18a5:0243 Verbatim, Ltd Flash Drive (Store'n'Go)

Have you tried Etcher? Woeusb doesn't seem to work for me either.

Check if etcher can pick your usb stick.

No, I need to make a bootable disk of windows so I can update my bios but the only options are woe usb or rufus.. but rufus doesn't work with manjaro. I'm thinking of borrowing a friends laptop with a different os to make the bootable usb.

Am I missing something here? xfburn is for DVD/CDs not USB flash drives......


okay, thanks. I'm pretty new to this. I was trying to make a usb drive with woeusb and I just used xfburn to see if the same error occured.

sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/manjaro.iso of=/dev/sd[drive letter] status=progress oflag=sync

Open a terminal, edit and run the above command.

dd: failed to open '/path/to/manjaro.iso': No such file or directory

EDIT the command to match where the iso file is and the drive letter of the USB.

There is unetbootin as an option if that doesn't help them friends laptop should do the job.

my iso is saved to the filesystem which shows up as '/' in file manager but when I type that in I get the same error

which woeusb package did you try? woeusb or woeusb-git ?

from woeusb github

Third-party Distribution Packages

woeusb-git :point_up:

Exactly what are you trying to do. woeusb is for creating a bootable windows image 1st you have to download a windows ISO then use woeusb to create the image,
If its a bios update you want to install then their are tools in AUR for that

I'm trying to install windows because my particular computer only allows me to update the bios on windows and I have a windows iso image but woeusb isn't working..

woeusb certainly does work used it last week you need to format the usb stick to ntfs then unmount it open woeusb.
select win iso choose ntfs select usb then you are good to go

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thanks that worked. I was using AUR

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Try Hirens BootCD - it has been created for this kind of use.

Write it using woeusb or use below guide

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