My way to update BIOS on HP Pavilion Gaming

I just want to document this in case someone else needs to do the same.

I managed to update BIOS after almost 2 days of trial and error.
NOTE that this tutorial might NOT work for your machine

Before you start this on your HP laptop, you will need to reboot and press esc to get the startup menu. Press F1 here to get the system information. Write down the information you get there (or take a photo). What was crucial for me was "System Board ID". See the HP Tutorial here:

I had to install Windows to a Virtual Machine. I had to allow the VM machine to get access to USB, see here:

After giving the VM access to USB, I turned on the Windows VM, went to HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Download page:

There I recommend you put in the laptop's serial number, I got mine with the help of this post:

Download the BIOS update AND HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI.

I had the BIOS updater flash and install the BIOS software and then I installed the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI on the same USB (The HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI did not want to install first for some reason unknown).

After that, turn off the VM, and then reboot your machine. Press esc to get to the startup menu and press F2 for System Diagnostics (I had the USB plugged in all the time). That should start the Hardware Diagnostics on your USB.
From here I recommend you to follow the HP guide:

I found my BIOS update under /HP/BIOS/Current and from there I had to match the System Board ID with the file with same number (with added 0 in front). In my case The Board ID is 8478 and the update file was named 08478.

I hope this can help someone updating their BIOS, it was not ideal way, but it worked.

I did try to use Hiren's iso with Ventoy before this, as well as trying quite few of methods from here:

None of those method worked, but the VM method did.


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