Nautilus & libgnome-desktop

nautilus: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Symlinked and now works, I have /usr/lib/

Any ideas?

Are you using the nautilus-typeahead package? This issue is mentioned on the AUR page.

I also ran into this problem; I had to symlink the missing library as well.

If you are also using the typeahead package, I'd suggesting waiting a few days to see if the maintainer can push out an update to fix the issue.

Thanks, my internet foo was not strong!! I am stopping using gnome till it all stops hitting the fan :rofl:

Install nautilus-typeahead 3.34.1-1 from the AUR, the Manjaro community package is out of date.

@Yochanan old news :smiley: 22 days ago......

I know, I added the comment for reference since this thread was mentioned here:

Ahhh, makes sense.

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