Nautilus moving files extremely slow

Hello, so yesterday I installed Manjaro GNOME on my Notebook. So I wanted to install a icons and themes, when I was copying the files to usr/share/themes(or /icons) I realize that it was extremely slow. I have no ideia what this could be.
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there are 56000 small files, that is why.

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Hi. You could try moving the icons inside / home / and not over the root.

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Oh, so the best way is to move the .tar file and then extract it?

Hey! So there is a folder inside /home for themes and icons?

Sorry I'm new to GNOME

So I created .themes folder and it worked. Thank you!

Well, sorry. The issue is having it inside /home/.local/icons/

or put the themes in .local/themes/

I created a folder ~/.themes and it appears on Gnome tweaks, is it better if I move the folder to .local/themes?

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Ok, thank you!

They both work , if you want to install icon themes and gtk, you better use ocs-url. That already in the gnome-look page you can use it to install everything automatically. To install OCS-url activate aur together with the application manager.

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Nice, I will install it. thanks


Yes, OCS-url will download, or install to themes folder - and if you want it to apply for root, you then make a copy, or move to /usr/share/themes. Same with fonts.

You can open Themes as soon as they're copied. You can also copy and rename a theme if you want to play with editing various bits.

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