Need help computer freezes on live cd and on install

--- hello
i am new here to linux
iv been trying to install manjaro on my machine for some time
but it just does not work , the live cd would freeze and crash after a while of it being on
or if i do manage to get it to install the system still freezes and crashes

i have
amd apu 10 7850k
gpu rx580 8gb

can anyone help please

More info about your errors would help identify the actual problem.
You might want to try some different ISO (which did you use) possibly a 18rc, or M-A installer.
Search the forum for your hw and gpu for possible kernel parameters you might add.

thank you for replying petsam
how do i bring up the errors in the terminal so i can past it here and see whats wrong
also i tired ubuntu aswell i get the same issue

i used the newest stable release on both
Manjaro XFCE Edition (17.1.12)
ubuntu [18.04 LTS

For errors during boot, write as you remember.
Do you get to grub menu ? When does it fail?
For posting TTY errors read the tutorial.

During boot you take photos.

Hello I tired to get the errors from the system and live boot but crashes out on me the most I could do was take pictures from the terminal before boot , hope this helps IMG_20180918_004515 IMG_20180918_124324_392 IMG_20180918_124413_463 IMG_20180918_124600_068 IMG_20180918_124636_326

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@AgentS i get grub menu , its fails in the desktop environment
i tired it with the deepin image this time round same issue

i uploaded pictures of what i could get up by following your tutorial
thank you by the way that was very helpful

any idea on how to fix the errors and get it to work

Is your system UEFI?
Your installation on sdb is on MBR.
Have you booted the installation media in MSDOS or UEFI?

My system is uefi
Its installed on a ssd
Was the standard installation that manjaro gives.
Its loads to grub fine boots up i see the desktop and then after moving the mouse abit it crashes
I also see colours in the middle of the screen before the desktop loads for a short second

Looking on my bios the sdd is the only one not labeled as UEFI

@AgentS @eugen-b any chance you know how to fix it please

is UEFI[Legacy] that means not real EFI started , some option Legacy force boot in Bios Mode.
your disk sdb is MBR , not GPT

thank you for telling me stephane

Do you know how to fix the errors that shows on the pictures I took , to get my system up and running ?

  1. first update your bios

  2. if only install on /sdb , use Gparted , reformat in GPT

  3. check ALL any options like Legacy USB or around USB mass Storage

  4. return parted -l

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This is not Grub menu, this is TTY. It is the installed Linux system, you can start performing administrative tasks, access system logs, install packages.

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You should have prepared your disk before installation as GPT partition scheme.
Even now, you may boot to TTY directly (read how in the tutorial).
In TTY, login and run startx to see if gpu driver is properly set. If you get errors and no GUI, post the errors and re-install gpu drivers with mhwd. Run mhwd -h for usage.
It could just be a lightdm failure, or something else.
You may need to get familiar with technical terms.
In the tutorial it says how you post info from TTY with wgetpaste. Please don't post images if possible.

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