Need help with reinstalling Manjaro, confused with the manual partitioning


So I have Manjaro XFCE installed alongside Windows 10.

The configuration is W10 installed on SSD, and Manjaro on HDD. For the previous install, I just shrink some space off HDD via W10 (about 20 gigs). Upon installation, I just selected the empty partition, and everything was taken care by the installer.

Now I want to reinstall the whole Manjaro system, but I just shrank some 10 gigs from the HDD so I get more storage for Manjaro. Now I'm confused on how to determine what partitions I should make with this unallocated 30 gigs. As a note, I still want to keep W10 installation, so I just want to replace the Manjaro without losing anything from my Windows.

My Laptop is UEFI, and I think I should bear this in mind since it has something to do with the boot, but I'm not sure what.

Here's some screenshot:

As for the second picture, the installation of the old Manjaro is still exist, but then the gray one is the new 10 gigs that I want to add.

Thank you for your time.

You won't go much further with only 30G.

If you want to use the extra 10G, you can either:

  • extend the existing Manjaro partition (you may need to first move it left, then extend it right)
  • delete the existing Manjaro partition and reinstall in your free consecutive 30G space

I'm planning to do this. Any tips? I mean for the bootloader and everything, so I won't mess up the boot of Windows

I'm okay with this small, since I need Manjaro to do simple tasks that I'm unable to do on Win

Right now I'm following this guide. Hopefully everything goes well.

1- Delete /dev/sda3, aply changes.
2- Make a 512mb partition boot/efi fat32
#If you don't gonna run heavy applications on manjaro, you shouldn't make swap partition, the system will create a swap file instead.

Depends of how many application do you want to install and the use of the system

3- Make a 10/12gb for / partition ext4
4- Make Free-space gb for /home ext4.
5- Change your bios boot order to manjaro disk
6- Launch sudo update-grub so the grub can see win instalation

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Hello, thank you for your reply.

I'm trying this now. Let's see how it turns out :smiley:

Boot partition can be less than 1gb? I always give 1gb to it.

If you search about this topic, you'll find that most sites/tutorial/forums are between 500mb/1gb.
Personally I always use 512mb with 2 system and 2 maybe 3 kernels installed per system and /boot reach 50% at max.
This is something that is more about likes than recommend and like my pops used to say:
Likes are just as asses, everyone has one!

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