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I have switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro. I found somewhere in internet that Arch repository is larger than Ubuntu and No need to install deb packages on Manjaro. But when the octopi package manager shows only 11847 packages where the Ubuntu repository had more than 90k packages after updating its repo.
How can I find the full repository in manjaro?

Read this.

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The number of packages isn't as important as maintained packages. Ubuntu has a ton of packages yes but just looking at about 35 - 50% of them are unmaintained, old, or just abandoned.
PPAs pick up some of the slack on that but nothing beats the AUR with a solid 50K packages plus the 6k - 8k of packages in the Arch repos (that get pulled down to Manjaro) plus Manjaros own repos.
The guides listed by @admdb are great starting points.
If you're looking for specific packages, search using Octopi, Pamac, pacman, or yay and there's a very good bet it's there.

This isn't ubuntu. If the package has no maintainer, many times it's removed or noted it's orphaned.

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We have to take into account that Ubuntu (like Debian) tends to split software in multiple packages a lot more than Manjaro (like Arch). For example, on Manjaro, the LibreOffice suite is all included in one single package (except language), whereas on Ubuntu, you would have a package for Writer, a package for Calc, a package for Impress, etc. Another example would be Krita: on Manjaro (and Arch), there is only one packages related directly to Krita called krita; on Ubuntu, you have four packages directly related to Krita which are krita, krita-data, krita-gmic and krita-l10n.

Also, Ubuntu (like Debian) tends to use metapackages way more than Manjaro (Arch), and it has an impact on the number of packages. It's not that Manjaro doesn't have metapackages (there is some, such as linux-latest), but package groups help to limit the amount of it when the only purpose of a metapackage would be to install a set of packages just by using a specific name.


We can also mention that on Ubuntu/Debian the headers file for development are usually in a separate package "-dev", on arch/Manjaro the headers are usually included in the normal package


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