Need support installing Manjaro on SSD alongside Windows.

Hi everyone! I have a laptop running Windows 10 on SSD. I want to install Manjaro (preferably gnome) on my SSD and install windows on the HDD, my SSD is only 128gb and linux is my daily driver. I use Windows only for light gaming, therefore don't wanna waste valuable SSD space on Windows. I once installed kubuntu alongside Windows. It was painstakingly difficult to get it working. I tried to install Manjaro before kubuntu, had no luck. Manjaro won't detect Windows during installation.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

If you want to play safe disconnect ssd install win on hdd, disconnect hdd, connect ssd, install manjaro, connect hdd, reboot to ssd manjaro and run sudo update-grub. This is what I did.

Valuable info info here

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
Will try it out and reach out if it doesn't help.

Lots of information :smiley:
Thanks a lot. Amazed by how quickly the community responded. Wow :smiley:
gg Manjaro

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