Need to install Manjaro on a 32 bits EFI computer

Hey guys !

All is in the title. I want to install Manjaro Linux on a Lenovo Ideapad 10 Flex which is a 32 bits EFI. And I can't find how to make the ISO booting on a 32 bits EFI.

Thanks for help ! (scuse me for my english level, i don't speak english)

Have you tried already? What happened?
It is something the Devs would know about if it is compatible and how.

And make sure you get the 32 bit installer image and use the DD mode for USB :wink:

there might be something useful here, although that thread is rife with misunderstandings (including mine)

The key is finding the bootia32.efi file and putting it on the liveUSB under /EFI/BOOT. You'll probably get a "disk full" error when you try to add it. gparted may be able to expand the ISO partition on the liveUSB.

Another approach, already suggested, is to try the Manjaro X32. At least that should boot and you can see if your hardware will work well with Manjaro. The main problem areas could be full hardware support in the kernel and finding wifi, bluetooth and sound drivers. Baytrail CPU support is pretty good since linux-4.12 and quite good since 4.16, but my experience is with the Asus T100 (baytrail) not Lenvo.

Installing linux on an UEFI32 system can be a bit of an odyssey. The baytrail CPU is 64 bit capable, only the UEFI is 32 bit. I've run both 32 and 64 bit OS's on mine.

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