Need to reinstall Windows 10

1 have two SSDs in my computer

  1. Manjaro
  2. Win 10 pro x64

I need to reinstall Windows 10 due to a virus on this OS.

After finishing the Win 10 installation, I need to reinstall Grub2:
boot Manjaro USB stick, manjaro-chroot -a and update-grub

Am I missing something?

  • Be careful when you re-install Windows not to select the wrong thing and overwrite your Manjara data
  • Make a backup first
  • If update-grub doesn't get the job done, you may need to re-install grub with grub-install /path/to/device

Since you will be fixing Grub simply disconnect your Manjaro SSD till you are done installing Windows. Then you can follow the rest of whatever instructions you think are right or are given.

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The reinstallation went better than expected:
I deleted two of three partitions on the Win SSD and not the ESP partition.

After that I don´t need to reinstall Grub2.

All works fine now!


The virus was coming from a download of a HTML to PDF converter.


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Most of the time this Firefox extension does the job for me, so far without any viruseses :smiley:
They do extensions for other browsers too by the way:

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Kaspersky Rescue CD and the Windows Antivirus didn´t find anything.

@ Ferdinand: Thanks for the link!

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