Nemo file manager missing from Preferred Applications List

I'm having a really weird issue here with my desktop machine here. In my Preferred Applications list for File Manager Nemo is missing from the list of entries and availabilities from the Other application... options. This is causing all sorts of issues here, because when I've downloaded a file from a web browser and it gives me a notification that it's finished downloading, normally you can just click that notification that pops up and it opens up in whatever default set file manager. But that's not what's happening here.

So I open up my Preferred Applications and I see it's been replaced with RAWTherapee, I don't see Nemo from the list, and I can't find or select it from the Other Applications list, it's like it doesn't exist. I have tried reinstalling Nemo, and removing RawTherapee but it's not showing up. It's completely gone. I can open it up Nemo normally from the launcher icon just fine, but it wont let me select as my File Manager in the Preferred Applications? I don't know what caused this or why this happened, but this is incredibly broken and I can't figure out how to get it back to how it was before.

I have tried rebuilding the MIME Info Cache file with update-desktop-database but doesn't do anything for me. I can even open up and read the contents of mimeinfo.cache file to see it has this line here inode/directory=nemo.desktop;rawtherapee.desktop; changing rawtherapee.desktop to nemo.desktop or deleting rawtherapee.desktop line doesn't change anything or add it to the list.

What happens when you open a terminal and type nemo to start it?

And if that doesn't work, try /usr/bin/nemo

I think you could solve this directly by opening Nemo, then right clicking a folder and set the default 'open with' option from there.

If you type 'which nemo' in the terminal it should give you the path /usr/bin/nemo.

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Good idea! I'm curious if Nemo will be listed in the list of 'other applications' to open a folder with if it is somehow not in the list of preferred applications.

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