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Hi All,
any information about Netflix Desktop Application in AUR (without wine). Netflix works on Vivaldi, Firefox and Chrome, but Browser Netflix version doesn't allow offline download. Thanks on the info.

as far as i know, the only netflix apps for linux are qt or electron web based apps and none of which support 1080p playback. there is a firefox/chrome/vivaldi plugin that lets you get netflix in 1080p but none of them have the ability to download for offline use.

does the windows netflix app even allow you to download for offline viewing? i thought this was an android only feature.

anyhow, you could also run a windows 10 vm. there are prebuilt VM's for virtualbox and others that are good for 90 days. it's an option, not a suggestion.

Have not used Windows since windows 7, since 2010 I am on MacOS and Linux, using Windows in a VM or via vine never for me thank you :slight_smile: The MacOS App allows offline download and I can play up to 1080p and UltraHD on a 4k external TV. Star Trek Beyond looked awesome better then in the Cinema.
I assumed since MacOS is based on BSD more similar to Linux then Windows, Netflix would make a native app for Linux also or someone on git or AUR did already. My Manjaro PC is more portable and better then a Android Tablet or My Macbook, would be cool to watch Netflix on an AirPlane, and most improtantly I only use MacOS for work for all else I use Linux now Manjaro/Arch cause it ROCKS.

Thanks on the info.

i had similar reasoning. i actually contacted netflix, amazon, hulu (i have all 3) and none of them had a valid answer as to why they are actively blocking linux users from the content they pay for. i think it was netflix that claimed that linux does not have the ability to stream 1080p because we dont have a DRM equivalent to windows/mac. yet im able to install a browser plugin and make it work? wtf?

so after many hours down a rabbit hole trying to figure this out for all 3 services i ended up doing it an alternative way and not losing sleep over it considering im paying for the content i should be able to get directly anyhow. i cant elaborate more on this due to forum rules but i think you can read between the lines here. :wink:

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Yeah I got it, I also use Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu, Pickbox, etc. but was only wondering about Netflix, HBO doesn't have offline download in the app and I don't use the others that much.

Thanks for the info I got it, will stick to my MacOS for Full/UltraHD, Windows never again :slight_smile:

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I found a good work around I installed VM in the boxes app, the VM is ChromeOS
it is the google chromeOS it allows to play HBO and Netflix in HD and UHD and Netflix has download option. well it is not a real solution, but better workaround then installing wine or windows VM. Since ChromeOS is running on Linux and HBO and Netflix run HD / UHD not sure why it doesn't work in other version of Linux like Manjaro, I guess it technically can be done it just requires dedication by someone.
Thanks all for the advices.
Regards, Myrddin / Merlin

chromeOS or chromiumOS?

Chromium browser and chromium OS are are the open source version of Google's Chrome / ChromeOS, this doesn't work on Chromium only on ChromeOS, Google sells Chromebooks laptops with Chrome OS many users complained they cannot watch full HD HBO Hulu Netflix and cannot download Netflix in offline mode, so I guess Google fixed it. ChromeOS VM is better them Microsoft or MacOS, ChromeOS is Linux.

i know this, but i was wondering if you were able to get the actual chrome os installed in a vm.

back when i tried this i was unable to get chromiumOS to boot properly, though admittedly i didnt really try that hard. i would much rather use a chromiumOS vm than a windows vm.

this was my reasoning for asking because from what i could understand in the past was that though chromiumOS is the open source version of chromeOS, it does not have some of the critical features that would allow for viewing 1080 video on drm protected streaming sites but if your certain it does work i think i'll have to give it another try. im able to get 1080p from netflix by using that browser plugin but not from any of the other services.

Netflix works with 1080p and UHD, but the movie / shows must have UHD, I watched Star Trek Beyond on Netflix via the VM in 4K UHD normally the TV supported 4k UHD.
One more important issue my portable laptop was originally Samsung pro crhomebook with Intel Core m series CPU, so I origally removed ChromeOS for manjaro, but installed via VM, I am not 100% sure but ChromeOS might not work as VM on all laptops since it is build for atom and m series cpus. For me it worked out of the books since it is a ChromeOS original hardware. And the price of 500+EU for 2400x1600 px 12" Display was great. Battery last 6-9h on a charge.

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so which chromium os iso did you download? link?

i've tried a few different images from
but none of them go any further than than this

i've tried with virtual box and gnome-boxes (pictured). am i missing something?

Can't you just use Neverware's build of Chromium OS, Cloudready ? I've tested it for a month and worked flawlessly

i couldnt find a plain old image/iso, only windows usb maker and the mac/chromebook download which unzips to a .bin file.

i feel like i just started using a computer yesterday, im not feeling especially bright today. :disappointed:

Yes, that's the zip you're supposed to use. I downloaded the mac/chromebook .zip and used the chrome recovery utility extension on the chrome browser to mount it on a usb stick

and then install to the vm from the usb, i'll give it a go. right now im in the middle of writing fydeos which is where the other half of FlintOS went when neverwere took it over. i'll try both

chrome recovery utility is not supported for linux. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: thanks google.

Oh Google... Looks like you'll have to use a terminal then. I also found this :

i'll give good ol' disk destroyer a try

I installed the ChromeOS from the USB Recovery I got with the Chromebook, USB to ISO then used the ISO. if you like I can upload it somewhere but Like I said above that ISO might be hardware specific for my hardware archiceture intel m CPU series (will try it out on my i7 CPU and see if it works).

If you like to watch Netflix and other stuff in HD on ChromeOS just buy a 199$ chromebook or get a chromebox I believe they are about 99$ and connect it to the TV entertainment box, problem solved.

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