Network connectivity issue on Asus TUF Gaming FX504 GD

I know a few of these questions has been posted previously for a different model of the TUF Gaming line with the same networking issue on Realtek RTL 8821 CE networking card.

I'm not so sure how much of it applies to this model with the Realtek RTL 8111/8168/8411 card. It seems like they use the same r8169 driver. I checked my modprod.d and modules-load.d and didn't see any black listing for this driver. Even then I still can't manage to get online. I ran inxi -Fxxxz on it and it said the state of the device is down.

I'm not familiar with the driver environment of Manjaro, or drivers in general. So I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to what I can do here. I am on 5.6.11.

Welcome to Manjaro. You think sharing the inxi -Fxxza --no-host for us would be helpful too or not? :slight_smile:
Make sure you do not have r8168 driver installed in MHWD.

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