Network dropping in and out constantly after update

Hi All,

Had a shed load of package updates Yesterday and since then I'm getting constant (every 30 seconds or so) Network Management notifications of connection dropping in and out.

The connection does actually seem to be temporarily dropping for perhaps a second. Not enough to cause major issues but I've noticed If I'm sending a slack message it'll sometimes fail etc. NetworkManagement

It's just incredibly annoying and there's obviously something wrong. Have tried changing the cable etc and there's no other network issues in the house.

Any pointers of where to look or anyone having similar issues?

Many thanks!


You are on unstable branch? Issues are expected to be present there. As about networking, see this

If you are on stable branch, then please use a stable kernel and wait on using 5.7 till will be better.

You can also remove the "bogus" network connection that got created after installing the 5.7 kernel, and only use the connection you had previously.


Thanks for that @bogdancovaciu
I did a search for 5.7 network issues and hadn't found any. I'll go back to 5.6.15-1 and wait for a while.

Apologies for the unnecessarily noob thread. My bad! You live and learn.

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Is perfectly fine to have questions and try new things :wink:
No need for apologizes.

Every day! hehehe


Been running on 5.6.15-1 again for 20 minutes now after a restart and no network pop ups. Thread marked as solved. Thank you Bogdan.

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