Network fails in VirtualBox.

I can't download Guest Addition using VBox. It always tells: "The network operation failed with the following error: During network request: Unknown reason". Manjaro 18.0.4, VBox6.0.6 r129722

It is not clear if Manjaro is the guest or the host.

It is also not clear if you are referring the Oracle Extension pack or the ISO image containing drivers for use inside the guest system.

The guest is relying on the host's network so if the host's connection is down - then the guest is too.

But you can try change the network type from NAT to Bridged. Essentially what this does is to move the assignment of IP from VirtualBox to your LAN's dhcp service.

If Manjaro is host you install the Guest Addition ISO from the repo.

sudo pacman -Syu virtualbox-guest-iso

The extensions can be build using Pamac

pamac build virtualbox-ext-oracle

If Manjaro is guest then inside the guest run

sudo pacman -Syu virtualbox-guest-utils
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Manjaro is Host and I was able to install it with help of pacman, in general it works now, thanks. But I still don't see shared folder. I set mount point (for the guest) to ~/shared, also to use full path: /home/<user_name>/shared, set path to folder on the host, marked automount, executed sudo usermod -a -G vboxsf <guest_user>`.


VirtualBox can be very picky when it comes to shared folders. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.

Just try searching the forum :wink:

What are you using in the guest?

The vboxsf group is part of a Manjaro guest where the user needs to be member of that group. This is not intended for the host.

If you are using Windows as guest then you need only insert the Guest ISO and run the installer from the ISO.

Please check with this guide to VirtualBox

Another distros as the guest, Ubuntu for example. vboxsf executed in the guest. I'll check the guide.

Insert the Guest ISO in a running VM using the Devices menu -> Insert Guest Addition CD Image...

Then in the VM open the CD and then a terminal - execute the script.

It is explained in greater detail in the mentioned guide.

I know all that.

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