Network manager applet - can I upgrade?

network-manager-applet 1.2.4-1 [installed: 1.0.10-1]

I have it downgraded, there is a new version - is it OK to update?

From here Network Manager Applet Error after Suspend

Update and if you have problems downgrade again. :slight_smile:

Too easy :smiley: OK, will give it a go and report back.

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I still had issues, but YMMV

Have updated, was running an aur --devel update, which has now finished, so going for reboot now.

nope, doesn't fix it downgrading.

Woe is us :cry:

But yeah, if no one else is, I will be testing this after every update.. that is until I move to testing proper.

Have swapped to wicd, for a bit, have one minor problem, wicd seems slower on resume from suspend. I am investigating, but can't find much at the moment.

Not to derail this, but I have never successfully solved an issue or seen performance improvements by using wicd. Usually just the loss of such things as quick-setup (and system load, to be fair).

Just playing really, laptop rarely leaves the house now that I am not working in IT (I work in mental health care now) so setup not a problem, not seeing any system load problems either, but will monitor. Just a few seconds more to connect to the router.

1.2.2 works flawlessly for me and it's in official repo (extra), not in AUR.
Stable branch of course.

Unstable here

On stable. Tested when we hit the 1.2.2 branch as well. No dice. For me and xircon and those like us , seems we are stuck at 1.0.10 for now. Still no idea why.

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