Network Manager Applet Error after Suspend

What version of the kernel are you two using? Have you tried a different one?

I am too, hence why the 'solution' is still marked for using downgrade.
[Exists, to my knowledge, on every kernel. I have personally tried 4.4,4.7,4.8,4.9]
The problem either lies squarely with NetworkManager, or something farther, like the way systemd handles it.

I am on testing branch and continue to suffer this issue - specifically so that I can keep tabs of changes or progress with this bug. So far there has been none.

Thanks for chiming ins, @cscs. That's very suspicious...The issue still pops up for me every now and then on both 4.4 and 4.8. Fingers crossed for 4.9

New version in the wild!!

hope this new version fixes this bug.



Have been away for a bit .. but back and updated;
On Testing branch we are now on networkmanager - 1.4.4-1
Trying it out today ... will report back. So far no bugs since last night .. :smiley:

...Going to mark this as solution for now, as I have had no issues since the update.
We just may have a winner !


Hey everyone, this thread is probably closed but I just tried something that worked for me and I want to share...

I opened my terminal,
then sudo su
used root permissions to open my file manager
navigated to /etc/NetworkManager,
opened the file NetworkManager.conf using the default text editor
found this line...
and commented it like so
then saved and restarted my laptop and the wifi applet wasn't saying device not managed and instead showed available wifi networks.

Hope it helps someone :slight_smile:


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