Network-manager-applet needs to be reinstalled after each reboot

This started happening after a recent update.
When I reboot the network-manager-applet in the system tray no longer shows my wifi networks, although it does actually connect to my wifi network.
In order for the networks to show and the signal level icon to show I need to reinstall the applet at the command line:
sudo pacman -S network-manager-applet

Then I log out and log back in and all is well until my next reboot.

Any ideas?


It's an annoying bug, for sure.

No you don't.

The icon is still there. Disable and re-enable wireless and the display will come back. Or, restart Network Manager:

systemctl restart NetworkManager

Some hardware is experiencing this bug. No need to reinstall the network-manager-applet, logging out and logging in or using @jonathon command will "solve" the issue. Another thing you can do if you just want it to work the way it's supposed to on boot up until the official fix comes is to downgrade the network manager applet to version 1.0.12-1. You can easily do this by running sudo pacman -S downgrade, then run sudo downgrade network-manager-applet and choose the number that corresponds to the version I just listed. Choose yes to add the exception (that way an update won't override your downgrade). Then when it is eventually really fixed you remove the exception in /etc/pacman.conf.

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