Network Printer (Borther MFC-9342CDW) not able to scan

Hi Everyone,

I currently have issues with scanning via network with my Brother MFC-9342CDW and need some help.

I run Manjaro 19 KDE pre4 on a virtual box environment but had the same issue with the current stable version.

What I have done so far:

  • I installed the printer driver from AUR and also installed brscan-skey and brscan4
  • I followed the steps in the Arch-Wiki

I am able to print, so that's good but scanning is not possible. When I open the simple document scanning tool, it finds my scanner but it is unable to connect to the scanner when I hit the Scan button.
Also, when I try to initiate the scanning from the brother device itself (Scan to File) it finds the brscan-skey but simply gets a timeout connecting to the host when I start the scan.

Anyone got an idea what I am missing or what could cause the issue?

Thanks four your help.


Many MFC's has a build in web server - providing an interface to the scanning function?

Just point your browser to the MFC's IP address.

Thanks for your reply. I know that it got that, the problem is that the scanner and pc are not in the same location / floor and I want to be able to scan when I am at the printer and take the document back to my desk after that. So my main focus is getting the "scan to file" working.

I see - I know - because the scanner I sometimes use is located in the other end of the house. I understand - I sometimes take my phone and do the scan from that - so I don't have to go twice.

But either way it is extra work - and the house is not that big :slight_smile:

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