NetworkManager intermittant failure

Current Manjaro/Arch-XFCE ... Lenovo Thinkpad W530 Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (rev 3e)
WiFi network intermittently appears to fail for all internet connections but my Conky sidebar and the WiFi icon still indicate that a connection is in place.
Connection is re-established with "systemctl restart NetworkManager"
This proble appears to have started with the last major update and kernel change

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Many thanks for the potential solution(s) ... I am slowly working my way through the list, that will take some time. I hope that at some point one of the updates will provide a more general solution.

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I have tried several of the solutions offered but so far none of those tried has fully solved the problem. I am trying to maintain 3 systems, on differing platforms, and all of them (intermittently) exhibit the identical failure.
Partially "systemctl restart NetworkManager.service" has worked but in general each outing requires a reboot to regain network service.
This problem is seen working from different network sources.
I believe that this problem occurred initially after moving up to the current kernel but since there are frequent updates it is difficult to exactly pinpoint the start of the problem.
Since I am working on diverse platforms each of which exhibit the same problem I doubt that I am alone with such problems.
Help would be truly welcomed.

You are not alone. I have a system that has the same intermittent failure (all platforms and kernels) and is not fixed with "systemctl restart NetworkManager.service" or any other solutions I have seen/tried. I used to reboot to fix the problem but found another solution. If it works for you maybe it will get you closer to a solution. Next time try this to restart instead of reboot:

sudo ip link set <device> down
sudo ip link set <device> up

Not a fix, but this service I wrote keeps the connection working well:

You must substitute your network particulars into the script.

You could also try replacing NM with Connman:

Thank you for posting a solution. I admire your work and dedication. The script is more involved than my needs. Maybe less than 10% of my boots end with the failure and it never fails during a session so a simple down/up command to run occasionally does the trick, though I can see how a one time ping test at startup to see if it can be automated for a once-and-done script. You could fill volumes with my lack of scripting knowledge though (all hail tbg).
As for Connman, I used it on my laptop with good results and may look into it again for my desktop.

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