NetworkManger inactive after resuming from suspend

I'm using Manjaro stable: i3 + openrc
After the latest update I

NetworkManger service is showed inactivate after resuming from suspend. I'm cannot activate it using nm-applet, I tried to restart the service but the wifi still off.

  • if I'm connected using wifi and laptop gos sleep: NetworkManger ---> goes inactive after wake up. and I cannot use nm-applet (shows networking disabled) or nmtui to scan / connect wifi

  • if i'm coonected using ethernet and laptop goes sleep: nm-applet shows as "disconnected" and left click gives "Networking disabled" , but I still can connect using the browser and rc-status shows NetworkManager as active. When I disconnect I can not reconnect again using nm-applet (do not allow to reactivate network) and the rc-status shows NetworkManager as inactive. However, I can activated network using nmtuiand connect using ethernet (nm-applet still gives a wrong networking status: Networking disabled).

  • Quiting nmtui disconnect me, which is not the expected behaviour.

  • I get this message in dmesg: [ 147.634101] udevd[488]: RUN{builtin}: 'uaccess' unknown /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/73-seat-late.rules:15 when resuming from suspend... I deleted this file without result.

  • I tried to downgrade NetworkManager and nm-applet without result (nm-applet did launch)

For power management I'm using xfce power manager

Now, everytime I want to connect to wifi i have to reboot. For ethernet I can use nmtui but nor for wifi.
Any idea how to find the cause of this problem!

Well you're not the only one who has the issues...

I also facing the same problem tooo...
The workaround for now is to downgrade elogind


I think that should be downgrade elogind (and libelogind, to 227.2).


Oops! My mistake. Thanks for noticing it!

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Thanks @cimarronline and @thefallenrat
I'll try and reboot....

The other option when using elogind 229.3 is running one or both (as needed) of these commands to restore networking after suspend:

sudo rc-service NetworkManager restart
sudo nmcli dev set wlp3s0 managed yes

(with wlp3s0 replaced by your wireless interface)


Yes. I'm using elogind 229.3, so this solution is the best for me now.
Known bugs like that one should be noted on the update annoucement. I always read the annoucement before updating to prevent such problems. I waist much time. thns life savior.


I also downgraded to 227.2 and my system ran fine until the latest testing update. I am now booted in kernel 4.9 as I haven't been able to get an internet connection in 4.10 and & 4.11 after suspending. I NetworkManager widget did show there was no connection for a while but I had an Ethernet connection anyway. With this latest update there was no way to establish a connection until I booted into another kernel... @artoo are you there?

I just saw that there was a elogind update in unstable today and updated. I booted into kernel 4.11.3 and all was well, I suspended and came back and the NetworkManager widget shows it is disabled but I still have Internet connection...

This issue has been fixed with elogind-229.6-1.


Awesome! It's about time!

Hey, I know this is a stupid question, but when can this be expected to land on stable?

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