New applet for translation!

Hello! I made a new Plasma applet!

Translator - translation widget for KDE Plasma

Translator is a graphical interface for the translation functions available in the translate-shell utility:

You can install the widget through Discover or the Plasma widget download dialog. To work correctly, the translate-shell package is required; listening to the result will require mplayer, mpv, mpg123 or eSpeak.

Feedback is welcome :slight_smile: and don't forget rate widget (if is possible).


Few days ago i was looking at

and i was thinking to myself that i would prefer a widget/applet ... so, here you are with another awesome idea. Great job!!!

I just see an issue..
with espeak.. it seems it does not take care of the language set.. it always pronounce it in english..
or maybe it's a limitation?

and maybe if we could resize it in settings or an other way.. and if we could "keep it open" like as calandar widget.

Good day! Plasmoid is updated. Add pin options on panel representation!

with this new update I have a "theming" issue that was not present in the previous version.
I use breeze application style.

and the "check all" , "move up", "move down" should be always visible.. it need to increase window to much to be visible (just my opinion)

The espeak language seems to works now.. it pronounce the words in the right language.

an other suggestion, if we could "copy" the translation or the original without to have to select the text box would be a plus. if it's possible and also the possibility to copy only the selection inside the text box. does not seems to be possible.

Good day. The plasmoid is updated, try the new version.

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