New AUR custom kernels not working.

Here the explanation answer:
"It's not a linux-ck problem, it's Manjaro. Due to recent updates in Arch Linux (kmod and mkinitcpio) hooks are no longer provided in kernel only in kmod (depmod-hook) and mkinitcpio (mkinitcpio-install and mkinitcpio remove). Unfortunately, at the moment, as a Manjaro user you will not install most of the current AUR kernels and the problem lies solely with your distribution, i.e. Manjaro."

Is there a way for using new custom kernels over manjaro ?


As of now we are not adopting to Arch's changes made for initramfs generation as we have more kernel series than Arch. We have to review the changes and test before we make and modifications on our end.


In the meantime you could grab the Manjaro kernel's source files and apply the -ck patchset on top.


Or use this state and only merge the new config and version changes.


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