New service is up.

We are happy to announce our new service "Discover Software" for @ManjaroLinux.

Explore and install native packages/#flatpak/#snaps. Tell us what you think so far of it:




Excellent and gorgeous website.
Please add a search box for find applications more quickly

The Search is active once you are on Application, Packages, Snaps or Flatpaks ...

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Ah! I Manjaro icon... that works...

Nice page, but it's a bit hard to find that clicking on Manjaro logo moves you further.
I mean, once you discover it, it's awesome and nothing else is needed but... it's not obvious that it contains the menu.

Additionally, the breadcrumbs alike link doesn't do anything aside refreshing the page. The hierarchy of sites is confusing. This should be the first page and application page should be down in the order, but it's parallel, etc.

Also, there is no search on application/snap/flatpack pages. I guess it isn't implemented yet since there is no install links as well?

Plus, nothing is linkable on the site yet, so it feels not done yet. However, as a project it's awesome, at least as a standalone thing. As a subdomain, it should show the same UI design. Consistency is a king IMO. It provides better user experience and discoverability.

At the moment it's like someone is playing with UI and showing this all cool stuff which is nice but confusing for a newcommer.


How would install work? A url handoff to the local pamac client similar to a website sending a link to Google Play Store on Android? It's a handy reference already :slight_smile:

Pamac is already able to install any arch file, tar.xz or tar.zst that is downloaded on the disc. I suspect that the installation links will be simply links to those files on the repo. Clicking on the opens a window with question if we want to download it or open. If open, it should open with pamac if it's installled. This will install package.

On the other hand, since packages version constantly rotates, so I wonder how this could be solved? Hmm... Some script updating links? Or some links to are universal and work with any version?

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This looks like a search within a menu, not for the packages. This wasn't obvious. I did see this but assumed it's for something different. Again, not intuitive for me.

Maybe if such solutions will spread and become popular among various sites it will be no-brainer. Currently, it's not obvious UI design. I guess this is the curse for everyone who tries to design something new, original.

Again, the completely different UI design solutions on domain confuses me hugely. I like them all as stand-alone sites, but when navigating site, it's hard to get a grip because everything changes like a schizophrenic's mind.

I get that forum and gitlab will look different - they use different engines and manjaro is just using them but the rest should be unified.

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Search abiword - unexpected result.
You have to search AbiWord
Not good.

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A few comments:

  • The search should not be case sensitive
  • Search should search package names, application names and the appdata description. Searching for "gimp" currently yields no results because it is listed only as " GNU Image Manipulation Program"
  • It would be good if clicking on an application brought you to a further description of the product.
  • Having search embedded in applications/flatpaks/snaps/etc greatly lessens usability because you cannot search all at once.

I would add that the search should be able to find incomplete words.

As to the other features as app descriptions, this would be a huge undertaking and I doubt it's worth the work.


search is not case sensitive
search in names and descriptions

next ?

The search is not case sensitive @dalto, @knome please actually try the application before posting.

that's exactly how it works if the information does not exist it cannot be searched, and that is an upstream issue.

It is probably because I was testing in the "Applications" section which seems to provide less/different functionality.

@codesardine what does the Applications section represent?

Applications comes from archlinux-appstream-data package, a project freedesktop
same source in pamac

Of course it does, it was built in 12 days, pamac is being worked on for years.

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I apologise. I found the site difficult to use. It takes a bit of learning.
I thought you wanted feedback.

Wait....that isn't what I was saying.....I wasn't comparing it to pamac.

Are we all in the same application? My test results seem very different to what others are seeing.

I can't click on an item and get more details as @papajoke is showing above.

I am here:

I also can't search for(and find) "gimp" even though there is a package named gimp.

Its not implemented yet.

because gimp is an application you wont find it in packages.

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