New install medias do not install bootloader

I want to install Manjaro from the latest install media however it seems to be impossible. I have tried the latest Architect ISO, Xfce 17.1.8 ISO, Xfce 17.1.7 ISO (also tried Architect from within it) and GNOME 17.1.8 ISO, however none of them have succeeded installing correctly on my computer. What I get is a completely installed system with no UEFI bootloader entry. Using the live ISO media to boot into the installation works, however it does not have a boot entry of its own.

I have tried the 17.1.6 Xfce and GNOME media, and it properly installs from those media. Seems like a change starting from 17.1.7 causes the problem.

I would great appreciate any help, Manjaro is like catnip for an avid Linux user looking for a no-hassle system, and I want to give it a shot on my system. :slight_smile:

Try this.
Don't forget to do the "UEFI - Additional Commands"
Good luck.

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