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Last night I migrated a laptop from Win10 to Mint. Was supposed to be Manjaro Xfce but I couldn't get wifi to work in the time I had available so I tried Mint Xfce and had no problems.

I'm in Asia and this was for an FDW - foreign domestic worker, basically think modern slavery and you'll get the idea. To give some perspective the laptop was an aging Lenovo bought second hand for 2 months of her salary. These girls send most of their income home to support their families so a massive outlay for her. She has some Youtube thing going and Win10 on the hardware wasn't performing very well and it seems she didn't have a Win license.

Anyway Mint was running quickly and she was happy. A day later and she wasn't just happy, she was excited and told all her Youtube followers as much. She also filmed the migration so I guess a future Youtube video. I've since had several requests from her friends to do the same upgrade. A few hours of my time is nothing given how these girls live and survive. I really hope I'm starting something here and hope her friends follow her lead. For what they need Linux is perfect.

Next step is helping her with her 23k of unread mail.


Glad to hear of your success story, it is regrettable you didn’t have time to solve the Manjaro WiFi issue, but regardless it is fantastic to hear that you and Linux helped someone in need, and thus more people are discovering it. Please share your story on the Mint forums, I bet they will enjoy it.


So email client and making email filters

Yes already have Thunderbird set up, it's just the rules. I think it's easier than it sounds, most of the mails will be deleted.

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