New material theme for Manjaro

Hi community if someone like material design themes are happy to inform you that I played with one of them : Adapta .

Now this theme is build to match with maia color and the pkg is in our unstable branch : adapta-maia-theme
if anyone want install and try simply do

sudo pacman -U

also 32 bit can be install :slight_smile:

for reference see here but keep in mind the color is maia :wink:


I will check it out... have you looked at Arc yet? I use Arc on a number of my desktops and love it. If it was Manjaro-colored, that would be even better :smiley:

Awesome ! Thanx :relaxed:

Thank you!

I know arc theme and...

ask on github how to change the blue with green or other .. arc is nice also mint have forked and change the blue with mint color .. but if anyone want help to modify are welcome :slight_smile:

it might be better to ask in the GTK theme repo rather than the firefox theme repo (though they are the same person)..

I know :blush: this request is to implemet the arc variant in this material for firefox .. unfortunally this theme at now not provide a schemas for firefox , only for chrome :disappointed:

What's the differences with Flat-Plat ? It's based on it but don't see the differences ^^''

EDIT : okay, I see. More shadows and all. But I don't like the lack of animations for checkboxes, are they are pretty in Flat-Plat.

How does this theme look on XFCE and KDE?

It looks great on the github page, but I want to see it on a manjaro install. :slight_smile:

Here on Cinnamon, with the GTK + Cinnamon themes. The header bar matches the taskbar when maximized, pretty cool.


Very nice. :slight_smile:


installed from git, used selection color to16a085 [aka maia default ?]
works fine on i3 / jwm [edited metacity in theme file to match Adapta]

will try to match this theme on openbox too...

Thank you.. my pleasure.. why build from git ? Is present in our regular repo ...

i opted for git after reading the [it specified what i wished to install and what i didnt wish to, including "enable gtk3.21" "selection of color schema" etc at the time of build.
i liked the look n feel so i sort of took the "learning curve" to install and enjoy !
great theme mate :slight_smile:
works perfect on budgie too

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@Ste74 Can this be installed on KDE?

i am sorry mate, this is a gtk theme and kde plasma runs on kwin and i dont think it will... kde theme structure is diff...

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and, is there such thing for KDE Plasma 5?

its long since i stopped using kde...
if you check the theme selector from your settings, there must be an option search for more themes [selecting that will list you in the teme view window itself. select the nearest... else you can browse on HERE

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u're saying that u stopped using KDE, why? do you believe that XFCE or others are better?
Personally, besides the slowliness to boot, it has good customizations with modern look, and wide range of applications. Just I wanted to add a material touch to my DE :wink:

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