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So did I, but I was too dumbfounded to reply.

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= way off topic from my part =
Each time you mention it, somehow in a derogatory way (as i perceive it - hence my connection), i think to a town here in Romania called Strehaia (almost similar pronunciation). Is ~800km south from my town, never been there, but i know they have a "popular" character that makes the place a bit of gossip subject. I hope i'm wrong and you have no such personullity in your area that makes you feel bad about your place ... :hugs:

You are very perceptive & have correctly intuited my hidden meaning, teehee. I am very definitely being deliberately derogatory [ooh, & now also alliterative] when i write Straya instead of Australia.


Ranty OT political verbage removed coz i had transgressed the unwritten* law, so the next step otherwise would be Dinsdale nailing my head to the floor. Still, better than incurring Doug's sarcasm.


*Yes i know it actually is written, but that would muck up the Piranha Brothers homage.

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I feel your frustration.
Take care !

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I came here after seeing new member MissAnneThrowup's topic. Wrongfully thinking she had trouble that needs attention, but instead she apparently stirred the pot.

edit: Welcome MissAnneThrowup! (I almost forgot the important part)

@Kadee <<-----it was all her fault :rofl:

@MissAnneThrowup welcome to the forum.


OK, several people have gone off on a political tangent.

Please edit posts appropriately. I'll not @mention people... yet.

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Rules are part of a dogma too, should not be promoted (as the rules say) ... :crazy_face:

edited my previous post

Welcome Anne! This is the Manjaro forum, and we are glad to have you here :heart:! This is a place to get assistance on all things Manjaro, and discuss nearly anything on our minds, hence the flourishing off topic category :yum:. If you are posting a question, in which you need technical assistance, make sure you always type inxi -FxxxZinto the terminal, and paste the output after pushing the </> button! Read this as well if you have time. How to provide good information in your posts

We hope you enjoy your Manjaro experience. It is newbies like you that keep Linux alive and thriving. Feel free to post your journey here in the “user stories” category.

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Can someone explain to me why Manjaroos are so nice? It seems like on most forums, there’s at least a little toxicity, but here, no matter who posts about what, people seem to be very nice here. We act like a community of sisters and brothers! It’s a blessing! I’m kinda confused though how this is one of the nicest places I have been. Ever. If someone can spread insight, please feel free to reply

Yeah but like digital Dorian Grays, you'd shudder & quake if you knew what our alter-egos get up to. Do not venture into our attics!


Gahhh, hoist with my own petard. I carelessly apostrophised a plural; oh the ignominy.


not for long.

do we really need to use that word to describe the manjaro community?

was there no words left? none? :man_facepalming:

Why not take your apprehension back to my old thread, wherein that noun emerged, make your case, & throw it open again for community discussion? If nothing else, that'll be another acid test for the veracity or not of

fine, i guess im the bad guy because i dont want to be a manjaroo. and would you have the same opinion if manjaroo meant "female prostitute"?
(yes i know the UD is not an actual dictionary)

btw, my post was not intended to be apprehensive, or to be taken seriously.

No it seems you've misconstrued my post. I was not being critical, not being negative, not being ironic [gasp]. I genuinely opined that given this term does not sit well with you, why not formally reconstitute the discussion in the spawning thread? Shocked as you might be, i was actually trying to be constructive, not divisive.

i can never tell with you, im confused. your good at this. :sweat_smile:

no, i actually find it quite amusing. and i know what your referring to when you say it. i was not making a serious stand at not using the word. manjaroo can stay but b r i c k must go! :grin:

As i recently fessed up in another thread, i too-often err by not including emoticons to clearly denote when i AM being deliberately ironic/silly/metaphorical/histrionic etc. I am now trying hard to fix that laxness of mine, & i shall thus endeavour to remember to include this specific emoticon ":crazy_face:" sans-inverted-commas, from here on, to help readers discern if i'm being serious [no crazyface] or if i'm being silly [crazyface]. I acknowledge that many might opine that i am still the latter even if i try the former.

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As for me, i will stay away from this topics from now on. Remember, there are only two ontological primitives - are not complementary - and that will always show the difference/different stance between/in people.

Anyone who isn't can't stand being countered with love (and that's not the "accept anything you do" love, it's the "when you're wrong I'll tell you because I love you" love).

Toxic behaviour looks for reinforcement and is easily defeated by hugs, whether physical or mental.

Seriously - if you see bad behaviour, mentally send them hugs and know what you're seeing is not their real selves.


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