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--- Hello, everyone I am very to to this linux world. Had a little experience of Linux on a VR session. But that was months ago. My friend wanted me to try out manjaro and I am sort of confused on how the OS works in general and Linux in general as well. Can anyone refer me to any helpful resources for learning manjaro and linux for beginners.

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Well to start with... sorry to blunt but... you should actually read and do what your post says:

Last sentence is very important.


Hi there!

From another newbie, yes jumping into Linux can be overwhelming at first. The two things I've learned the most from, to get a start and get a grip on things once I decided to totally convert (except the phone, tablet and Surface, was these:

1 - Take a look at you computer(s), decide what roles and functions they are going to have in the household, and then google and read with these goals and plans in mind.

2 - Hang around here, read a lot and observe what people are doing, how and why they do it.

Both have been extremely helpful to me, at least. The more you watch and read, the more familiar the concepts gets, and before you know it you start to actually understand some of what you read, haha!

Good luck!

Not a good friend who won't help you with the basics, I think.


You pick it up as you go, muddle through :grin:

And last but not least :wink:


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Thanks for that tip 10yearslate.

This is of course old news for probably the majority of even newcomers, but if you're a complete newcomer of a certain age, like me, you may think of youtube as a giant cat-video archive. Certainly I did. But there's a whole lot of interesting stuff out there, perhaps epecially for newcomers.

I particularly liked Titus' overview of Linux youtubers:


Among others, I watched a lot of Chris Titus' videos before making my decision to go with Manjaro. With him only being a year into his Linux journey, us "newcomers" can relate to the content.


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