New to Manjaro Awesome [Solved]

Hi, I installed the community build of Awesome and for the most part I am very excited about it, I have a couple of questions. The mouse cursor originally was a good size but seems to have shrunk., I have Ultra HD so it is hard to see it. I did change the DPI to enlarge text and so forth to 144, everything else seemed to handle it well. I can't seem to find where to change it that actually has an effect. I have checked in Appearance, Kvantum Manager, Mouse and Touchpad had a cursor size but when I changed it nothing happened. I also looked in xsettings that I reached through settings editor, I found the cursor I had set in Mouse and Touchpad so it did get recorded but still no love. One last thing that was odd, is that Awesome 4 is adding new windows to the child rather than the master area, is this intended? Can I change it? Thanks for your kind attention.

I appreciate any help with this, outside of that the rest is awesome not to pun.


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You can make use of ~/.Xresources file with an entry like this:

Xcursor.theme: Name
Xcursor.size: Size

and maybe you have to add to ~/.xinitrc
xrdb --merge ~/.Xresources &&
right above the exec $(get_session) line


Great, thanks I will give this a try and let you know, thanks

I checked and I couldn't find this file anywhere, do I need to create it?

Yes, you create it in your home directory :slight_smile:

I created the file and added the lines, I check xinitrc and it was already checking for that file, and if it existed was doing what you said, but sadly it did not change the cursor size. BTW I did reboot

Did you restart awesome (Ctrl+Super+r) or logout-login after changing this setting. In my case the setting is applied after the wm-restart.
However, I installed awesome parallel to Xfce, but I don't think that makes much a difference.

Thinking about that, it might be possible that this setting overwrites the setting of .Xressources

Hi, I at first only logged out, when that didn't work I rebooted, still no good, I can see in .xinitrc that is was already set up for that file if it existed, so I didn't even mess with that. I created the other file as instructed, so I am at a loss, this is a community build and maybe something is happening somewhere we don't expect. I looked around pretty good and couldn't find anymore places to change it. I know from other clues, other stuff is weird, like I think awesome loads a little earlier in the process. How I know this, is that the sequence of the monitors is wrong until I restart awesome with the shortcut, then the sequence is perfect. I have four monitors but the lua I wrote for moving around is hinky until I restart Awesome. So maybe something is happening here like that where what we are setting is getting overwritten.

I missed asking, what is overwriting this file possibly?

My guess was that the setting of .Xressources is applied before xfsettingsd is launched, which applies its own settings (from Mouse & Touchpad).

I just tested the setting in a live session of the community edition in a VM. I did not create a .Xressources file. I just changed the cursor size in Mouse and Touchpad closed the settings and restarted awesome. The setting was then applied.

So try to change the setting in Mouse and Touchpad and restart awesome. If it not works, something is off with your configuration. First thing I would do then is to check if xfsettingsd is running.

I will be offline for a while.

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I tried it but when I opened Mouse & Touchpad it was still at the 36 I set from before, so I set it to 38 and restarted AWM and still the same result. No change.

Then something seems to be off with your configuration. I suggest you create a new user, change nothing and test if it works there. If it works then compare the configurations (rc.lua,, .xinitrc, ...) to determine where the issue lies.

OK, thanks, will do, I have to get through some work so that wouldn't be till later on, probably this evening, thanks again, will let you know

OK, I tried exactly what you said and nothing, I was unable to effect the size of the font whatsoever. I appreciate your help. Thanks

Did you try another cursor theme?
See this thread:

I guess you could also check the cursor size in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini.
Check also the various methods mentioned on this Arch Wiki page:
Take also a look at the troubleshooting section.

Ok, close. I changed it for the DM. I thought I had it. I installed other cursor themes but that didn't help. So I installed LXAppearance from LXDE I had luck with that helping with KDE GTK mashsups. I did that logged out and the cursor in the DM was changed but as soon as I logged in it was back. So something with the desktop is re-writing it. So after all that I went back to what you had said originally and set it in Xresources to 64. I logged out then in and it stuck, yea! I can actually see my cursor as I move my mouse across the screen and not have to squint. Thanks for all your help and patience. I have one more question for another thread and this baby is done. :slight_smile: thanks again!

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