New to the forum, introduce yourself

Hi guys and gals,
I really enjoyed this thread started by Ultima on the old forum.

I'll start:
I am from South Africa and started experimenting with Manjaro two years ago, before that I tried almost every linux distro in the distrowatch top 100 and if I didn't try it, I watched a review video about it on YouTube. Anyway, after installing Manjaro and experiencing it for the first time I was blown away and loved it immediately. Furthermore, I decided to become part of the community and was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and welcoming the Manjarlings are :smiley: After all this I decided that I have found a home.

Feel free to tell us your Manjaro story :slight_smile:
Welcome and have fun!


I have been using Linux in one form or another since the late 90's - Manjaro is the first distribution I have found in recent years that has got me interested again.


I'm from Canada, about 10 years of Linux experience mostly in Debian based stuff. My main driver is on Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3.
I have installed Arch many times in VBox and on the rails so I don't find Manjaro too difficult. Plus I still get to use pacman.
Right now I have a Manjaro install in:

  1. 2nd gen Atom netbook (64 bit) with an SSD. Very nice, my traveling companion.

  2. Old Dell Optiplex desktop from 2005. Fun to play with and still can run 64 bit software.

  3. 32 bit Atom netbook that ran Linux out of the box (although it was a pretty brain-dead distro back in 2008.)

The first two run Xfce and the old Acer netbook has LxQt (which looks beautiful and runs fast.)

So I'm pretty happy so far. :smiley_cat:


Another Canadian. I have been using Linux off and on for about a dozen years, mostly Slackware derivatives. After a few years running M$ on a machine I inherited from my son, I decided to dual boot. I did some searching - Distrowatch and top 10 Linux distribution articles. Manjaro sounded interesting with its rolling updates. I find it a nice blend of stability and leading edge. I installed the XFCE version. Since then I have added I3 windows manager using the desktop settings package, and have come to enjoy that environment. Thanks to @oberon.

I recently moved from stable to testing partly to live a little closer to the edge and partly to help in a small way.

Thanks @fatboy for starting this thread and thanks to the Manjaro team for such a fine distribution.


I've tried many distributions, but there was always something that forced me to go back to Windows.

Most often it was Ubuntu breaking every time I tried to upgrade it to a new version.

Other distros like Fedora ran too slow, even though I have a powerful system.

Manjaro was the first Linux distro that had everything I wanted in an operating system and it's the distro I've used the longest out of all and I intend to stay.

I've never ran such a good operating system and I am of the opinion that it is Manjaro that finally and really brought Linux to the desktop.


Hi there,
I've been using Manjaro for a few years now and while I broke my computer a few times making bad choices in installations and configurations, I enjoy it a lot.
I'm still using Windows for some games, but I hope to switch my desktop computer to Manjaro too.


Hi I am Spatry and I love making Linux videos. I share my knowledge with the community as my way of giving something back for what I have freely received. As a result of doing this, I have been able to grow. I have made new friends in many areas of the community and they have enabled me to achieve what I thought to be unattainable; such as having my own large Linux community or my own version of Manjaro which has exceeded 30,000 downloads. You are never too young or too old to learn and contribute. Even someone who has been using Linux for A SINGLE DAY has something they can share. It is by working together that we are the backbone of one of Linux's biggest strengths... and that is community! Nice to meet you all! Cheers!


I never enjoyed (and probably still do not enjoy) low-level messing on computers, so I stuck with whatever was most convenient (dos later windows for private use, VMS/ULTRIX, AIX, MVS, OS400 etc. for employers).

a couple of years ago I thought I'd consider switching from Win to Linux because the kids were starting to use computers more and more and implied doing lots of updating for me to keep them safe.

I first tried Kubuntu and stuck with that for a couple of years,
I found the twice-yearly updating a lot of hassle and looked for a rolling distro, first tried SolydXK then switched to Manjaro.

I am an odd-one out because I try to avoid using command-line as much as possible, to see how realistic it is for non-experts.

I have really enjoyed Manjaro. I have only occasionally had to do sysadmin-type of work.
I also really enjoy cloud-computing,

Thanks Manjaro-team.


hey all...
not new to Manjaro but, like all of us, new to these forums.

from East Central Pa (for now, originally from SW PA)

A Linux intermediate-newbie, been using Linux on and off since the late 90s (started with the old Mandrake Linux) became a full time, linux-only user a couple years ago, went from Lubuntu to Mint KDE to Manjaro XFCE and have not looked back.

Love Manjaro, love XFCE (especially with the Compiz-reloaded packages)

I do fractal and 3D art, have some cool Manjaro and Linux wallpapers up over on deviantArt if anyone is interested...

I can also customize these for other sizes if you need them.


Hello from Pretoria, South Africa.

I am a 60+ self(un)-employed electronic engineer. I come from a 20 year background in OS/2 and know how to hack and suffer, but lately my tenacity has diminished. So last year I decided to move over to Linux full-time. I looked at the rolling model and opted for Manjaro about nine months ago. So far I have not looked back and with info from the old forum and a number of near flawless updates I just keep on rolling. I am sure this new forum will rapidly grow into the same friendly and helpful community.


I live in England and as a woman I often find myself in the minority of Linux users, but strangly enough it was a woman who suggested I tried using Linux rather than windows. I had used windows since windows 2.00 and although it often annoyed me I knew no better. It was ony when XP was no longer supported that I started to panic, my machine was low on resources but I did not want to replace it.. so I asked on facebook for advice. A female friend suggested Ubuntu, so I started to research and actually ended up installing Mint with the Mate desktop. That did for a while but I did not care much for the fact that it was not a rolling release and also that some of the members of the Mint facebook group were so rude and uphelpful. I flirted with Peppermint and even looked at Fedora, when yet another woman friend pointed me to Manjaro XFCE, and I haven't looked back. It was March 2104 when I first installed Mint but for the last eighteen months have never even distro hopped once since being an avid fan of Manjaro. It just works perfectly for me and I only 'broke' it once and that was in the early days, now I would know how to fix it anyway.


Your wallpapers are beautiful.


Welcome to all the ladies! haha


Long time Windows user from DOS-based 3.11 (when I was a pre-school child) to Win7 in the end.
I am interested in many kinds of science and feel that spending some time with linux is no waste of time.

Manjaro enabled me a very easy and smooth start and I am happy to be on board!


thank you :slight_smile:


Hi all - I've been lurking and reading the old forums for a month or so and thought it was about time to jump in and get some interaction going.

I've been using Linux for a couple of years now (along with Windows for some finance software that just hasn't been replaced yet) and have tried several distros. I started with OpenSuse around version 10.something and migrated to Linux Mint at v13. I used mostly Cinnamon DE on mint for main daily driver but used Xfce for a media server for awhile. Mint was an easy entry into the Linux environment for me but I found the software (apps?) to be a bit stale between LTS versions even though I liked the stability while I got my feet wet.

I thought I'd try some rolling so migrated to SolydX for awhile but having used the Debian/Ubuntu distros for awhile wanted to try something new. I was aware of Arch from having used their awesome Wiki for generic background and info on several topics. I found out about Manjaro a couple months ago and started test driving in Vbox and finally got an older PC to get it on some bare metal. I'm having a decent time with it and really appreciate all the hard work that the community has put in to this fine rolling release - noob friendly distro.


I first dabbled with Linux about 20 years ago when I installed Slackware on an old 486 machine I was given. I used about 20 floppy disks!

I got back into Linux about a month ago and have been using Manjaro for just over a week and am loving it.

It is running on an old Dell Optiplex 760 with 8gb of RAM. This is a machine 'rescued' from the scrapheap as is the monitor - a beautiful Sun 19 inch. A lovely system resurrected fom the grave.

Nice to meet you all.


Ello I am MadmanRB, I am a crazy person.

That is all you need to know about me


Hi Guys,

new user here. i like manjaro.


I have been a fan of open source and standards for a long time and try to use them whenever I can. I am here to give back to the community and help those I can. I am a user of Fedora and Manjaro and love both distros. Hello to all those I knew from the old forum and a big hello to all those new users I hope all your experiences here are positive.


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