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There are plenty of photographers on this forum to help you out.

In the end: whether it is the best solution for you and your type of photography and workflow is something you will have to find out for yourself.
Key programs:
Gimp/Pinta and many others.
Viewers abound.

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Thanks, yes I'm familiar with most of the options but there's bound to be one or two I'm not aware of. Ideally I'd like to come off windows altogether but that depends on whether negative scanning works well enough, in particular colour negatives. I haven't checked the compatibility of my scanner yet so that will be key for me as well. Worst case scenario I'll just use my win 7 partition until I no longer need to, everything else should be catered for in Linux.

I recommend this recent article from the Linux Journal:

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I can confirm what your issue was, you were running Windows 10 :grin:

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Hi kmartin,

I failed to mention that my usb Webcam does work... I'm able to access it through OBS and the v4l2 viewers from the repository.

that 10+ years ago, Will be 17 years ago next month... (Insert comments here) that may mean I've forgotten what I knew however, I am not afraid to use terminal as needed...

The desktop is an approximately 3 year old dual xeon, (dell) with built-in Matrox and an nvidia k4000 that I added (commercial drivers) I chose XFCE and am on Manjaro 18 with kernel 4.20.

I've also got a slightly older HP laptop that I've loaded with the same software and have reloaded it with kernel 4.19... The usb capture devices - one diamond mm, and one Hauppauge HD pvr (v.1) work properly on the 4.19 kernel (I can record from them in OBS). With kernel 4.20 running they are not seen in OBS nor can I redirect input from them. I tried upgrading from 4.19 to 4.20 and erasing the disk and reinstalling.

I'll post where you linked.

Thanks for reading.

Rob Thompson

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I'm sure you'll get it sorted out... There are plenty of smart folks on the forum. Here is a link to help with posting to the forum.

Have fun Rob, and again Welcome....:smiley:

Hi again,

Thank you, that is helpful information.


Hello, I'm from Indonesia. I'm using Manjaro KDE on notebook and Manjaro Xfce on netbook. Thinking of using Manjaro Openbox to replace Manjaro Xfce on netbook.



I've been using linux for something over five years now, my go to distro was always #! But when that died I've floated around some, pure debian, arch, antergos, etc never really found anything that felt quite like home.

Always been an openbox guy, until I was introduced to i3 and I never looked back.

I found Manjaro quite by accident but let me say am I pleased!! Running some seriously old hardware (no joke, seriously old. 91' motherboard :wink:) Is a challenge to find something which doesn't bug out and send your system tumbling into the migrane abyss.

So manjaro it is, i can multitask and not one bit of lag, feels as if I'm running a brand new system, this might be a keeper!!


Hi there, I'm from Portugal, I used Manjaro years ago and now I back with gnome edition, after 3 days I already my system the way I like, I have very experience on linux, it and programming, if someone need help can ask. I will try to help the forum.




I'm from Russia and I've never used any Linux distro. Recently I've decided to try it and chose Manjaro KDE. Now I'm using it for two weeks or so on my pc and my laptop and I really like it.


I am from USA and have used FreeBSD and various Linux distros since the 90s. I have tried RedHat, OpenSuse, Gentoo, and Mandrake (RIP). I was a big fan of FreeBSD for its stability until Ubuntu came along. I have had Ubuntu on my home desktop for several years now and only just now decided to explore other distros. I have just installed Manjaro 18.02 with Deepin on my Thinkpad T460s and have been impressed with the Deepin UI experience. I agree with some reviewers' comments that this is a prettier and more user friendly desktop experience than Apple or MS Windows. The slideout panel on the side of the screen is very compelling. I also really like the Manjaro community as so active.


I'm new to linux entirely. I got interested in trying out Majaro KDE after I saw it on a friend's computer. I looked into some other distros as well, but I want by linux journey to teach me something about computers, so I thought I'd pick something that is in the middle ground between Ubuntu and Arch -- from what I have read, Manjaro fits the bill . If I enjoy it, I'll make the switch over from OSX, but for starters, I'm planning to do an install using VirtualBox.


Hi there,

I have been around a month and a half maybe, and I didn't say hi properly.

I'm carzo from Spain, and this forum is amazing! really kind people sharing time and knowledge to help others without expecting any profit. lovely community, really

I switched from win10 to manjaro without many issues. I went directly from windows to only Linux and I don't regret at all.

Thanks for the i3gaps community build and also big thanks to this forum! Now I enjoy much more using my computer.

dlgt i love you !


These things are not allowed here in the forum :wink: :smiley: :joy::rofl::heart_eyes:

Hi dudes and dudettes. I am a Finnish guy in Sweden. I am an 43 years old and simple guy who lost linux for 10 years due to work. But I newer left completely. I have supervised linux servers and development in the past and done some development in perl, php, C etc. BUT now to the most important thing ever. Because you created Manjaro it is easy for me to come back and play and have fun. I installed the community i3 and it rocks. After some fiddling to get my sound and bluetooth headphones working everything else works great. I always used debian in the past for my linux stuff but this is awesome. Debian is great but now I feel they go to far with your own setup. Some default options are great to have from the beginning. As I do not have that much time anymore I am greatful for a very good default. Cya again when I get familiarized.
Rock on =)


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Virtualbox setups may have many issues that are not present on real hardware install. Virtualbox is nice for general look but not for serious testing.
I would recommend to install system on USB 3 stick. This way it will feel more real and will use full hardware, however with the limitation of USB 3 read/writes, so basically it will go slow every time you download or write something on such disc. Aside of that, USB installs are quite good for testing and behave well.
It's possible to setup your firmware that way so it would boot from USB when USB with system is present and boot from disc (HDD or SSD) when USB is not there, so whenever you feel you want to use Linux, just plug USB in, reboot and voila.

i have only one word. INSANE

Insanely blocked... Insanely unclear.

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