New to the forum, introduce yourself

Good day forum!
I am a 21yrs old alternative-stuff lover from Skopje, Macedonia which probably was the reason I started loving Linux, and for the last 3 years specifically Manjaro. yaaaay :tada:
I also recently started working as Devops and that certainly brought my Linux involvement on a full day, day-to-day basis in all kinds of scenarios. So far, I'm loving it. :smile:
Anyways, I've been shadowing this forum for a long time, and just decided to become involved.
That is all, I hope I will do my part in this community.
Cheers. :beers:


Have been using Linux since I was 16 (not that long ago). I came to Manjaro after some stability issues with Arch (yes, I know its only as stable as the user makes it, I just wasn't ready for Arch), and absolutely love it. I prefer by far window managers over anything else, and love configuring them to exactly how I feel my computer should be. The end goal is to migrate back to Arch eventually, because for me knowing precisely what is on my machine is quite important. Also, it is fun setting everything up :smiley:. One major thing I at least hope I have improved on in the recent past is reading and understanding man pages and other forms of documentation first rather than searching or asking on forums beforehand. If the man page doesn't provide the path to the light, then I go on to use other forms of research. I am quite proud of that. Arch based distributions seem to be exactly my cup of tea compared to Debian based Ubuntu which I first started on, and later on Fedora which I played around with a bit when a CD fell into my hands as a gift from a hackathon I went to. Other than that, a major goal/target of mine with Linux is to learn more and more about this system I have fallen in love with, as I am sure many on here have done as well.


You ARE running Arch, AFAIC. Manjaro is preloaded with a lot of software, and Arch users call that "bloated." So deinstall the apps you don't want.

Manjaro makes an effort to only supply the most stable upgrades, and, although I have heard from several Arch users that, after years, they have never had a broken system.

However, a rank beginner can install Manjaro easily by just reading a few, simple instructions, which makes it as easy to install, and as user-friendly, as Ubuntu, by which I mean high praise.

I know quite a bit about Linux, and I got lost just trying to install Arch, with instructions to which I paid attention. Manjaro, on the other hand, "just works," has, hands down, the best hardware detection of any distro. I have installed it on the laptop of a friend who knows how to use a computer, but knows nothing about them. He is delighted to know that it is far more stable, lightweight, and he'll never have to reinstall. And so am I; Manjaro is faster than any Ubuntu flavor, even Lubuntu and Xubuntu.


Hi everyone!
Young Japanese girl Rin here, ditched Windows a month ago with Win7 support ending, and my my I'd never look back!
Such a nice distro, and a warm community, I'm very happy to be a part of you!


Greetings everyone!

I have just recently switched over from using Windows 7 forever and am completely new to Linux but am excited to learn about it and hopefully start using it regularly.

One question I have out of the gates is that I can't seem to locate my secondary hard drive. I'm sure it's probably simple but I am so used to Windows that I haven't been able to locate it while using the file manager. It seems like I only have access to my main drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that though things are working pretty well with the switch just some minor things here and there but that was to be expected. I look forward to meeting and working with you all.


First off Welcome to Manjaro! I'm sure that you'll learn a lot and enjoy this fine community... That said, This is not a help thread. Just go ahead and open a new one in the Newbie category.

You may want to check out :slight_smile:


I found these very helpful :wink:
So cheers! and Happy trails @Metalninja89


Thank you kmartin for the advice those were some helpful links. Not only am I new to Linux but this forum as well so hopefully people will be a little patient with me as I get accustomed to both.


Good Day my friends! What a time to be alive in 2020. I am extremely late to the Linux world. In the last two years i've situated and fixed up my personal life up so well i can finally have a room and be at peace. In my journey i have had the time to research basic computer building and networking that i decided to go full tilt Computer Science geek. I discovered Richard Stallman and the GNU Linux website through Youtube searches about Edward Snowden and internet privacy. Since blowing my mind with his work and the community, i found a linux distro graph that put Manjaro on a "bleeding edge" category. And since Manjaro is a Arch Distro im hoping to work up into that realm and maybe use
Hyperbola as well. PureOS is on my map just because the Purism company and their Librem Line seem to be a product i will buy and use daily.
Right now I am running and using the Manjaro XFCE on a Rasp Pi 4 and its been wonderful so far. I make use of the Homebank software, Evolution, and LibreOffice. I dont see why anyone cant run and be content with this OS on a Rasp Pi as a everyday use computer.

So if you are willing to throw down some tips and tricks for me. or any advice you think will help me enjoy this transition from apple products to linux please do so

I am mainly trying to build a Linux machine that can VM League of Legends on Windows or maybe explore this Lutris OS with Wine . Maybe build a full tower machine to dual boot Linux OS and Windows??
I think my fantasy dream is to have a small Mini-itx, Intel-Windows "League of Legends Console" & a full modern Ryzen 7 or 9 CPU dream machine with Arch/Manjaro Linux and a Purism Laptop. What do you think is the best way to go about League of Legends fanboy gamer with a Linux Foundation.
Note: i'd really like to stay in the "free source code, non-profit, all-community" realms of this world.
thanks for time friends!!!



I've been using Manjaro for awhile, but didn't actually join the forum until recently, when I bought my new computer last Autumn, and committed to Manjaro as my primary OS on bare metal.

I've been using Linux since first installing both Slackware and NetBSD just before X-mas '93, over the holiday break of my last year in college. Both had their initial binary releases earlier that year. I'm still amazed how these then-completely-obscure projects would eventually take over the world in so many ways. They've allowed me to have a career in IT with Linux/BSD and almost every variant of commercial Unix (plus VMS).

I kind-of abandoned the Linux desktop in 2011, at least on bare metal (but still ran it in VMs), and bought a MacBook Air as my "Unix" desktop. But when looking to replace it last Fall, I got annoyed with Apple for the last time and replaced it with the Dev edition of the Dell XPS 13 that I happened to get a good black-Friday deal on. After 26 years, I wanted to finally buy a computer with Linux pre-installed. Then a month later, I wiped it and installed another disto, because of course... (old habits die hard).

Anyway, great to be here!


Hello from Sweden!

Running Manjaro now for almost a month after a long hiatus away from Linux, having run Windows flavors in the 90’s and early 00’s and almost exclusively OS X and macOS since 2011.

Not liking the direction and behavior “big tech” is going, and wanted to retake control of my digital life, so started researching different Linux distros at the turn of the year. Call it a New Year’s Resolution.

Now running the latest Manjaro KDE release on a 2016 MacBook Pro 13,1 (I have re-christened it to ManjaroBook Pro) and have a super stable an enjoyable system to run with all hardware working well.

Really enjoying the move and am planning to go Manjaro only on all my systems, personal and professional within the next few months.

I’ve already found this forum to be a great source of information and help, so thanks to all the awesome people here who take the time to be friendly, and lend a helping hand. I hope to be able to help pay it forward as I gain more experience and wisdom from you all!


Its also good to hear things are working well on some of the newish macbook models.
... I wonder what the latest confirmed 'fully working' is .. I think I saw someone messing with a 2019 somewhere ..


Thanks - yes, the only thing not working is the internal audio, but audio works via HDMI , USB, or any bluetooth headset, which are all perfectly good work arounds for me.

There are a few niggles for the 13,1 MacBook Pro - bluetooth was the most "work" to get up and running. A great resource for anyone else out there looking to run newer MacBook hardware should look here, this is where I figured everything out.


Hello everyone,

Just installed Manjaro Kde and i have to say that the installer was easy to use and the forum support looks awesome.

Thanks to all the members that put this together.


Hello everyone!
I have been using Manjaro for quite some time, and with moderate success, I find it truly fantastic!
But now I need the help of the forum ... I can't do everything alone! :smile:

Have fun!


Hey, I'm somewhat new to linux as a whole. Longtime Windows user, but tired of their ■■■■■■■■. Manjaro blows me away I love this OS. My absolute favorite


Hello everyone, just swapped from Windows and am excited to start using Manjaro as a daily driver OS. I love it so far!


Hi, been using Manjaro for around 10 days now. Played around with ubuntu on a live machine (usb) for a while back in HS years ago but didn't really know what I was doing (was mostly doing that because our PC wasn't working for a bit and we were waiting for my uncle to get us a new windows 7 license at a discount). So Manjaro is really my first true experience with linux. So far it's been great (if only I can get my nvidia card working). Been loving the customization, and the simple use of the terminal so far. Can't wait to learn what other cool stuff I can do later on.


Hey All,

Installed Manjaro a couple weeks ago and I have to say I love it. What turned me on was the amazing user support I've seen here on the forums. I've already used numerous posts to solve install and update issues I've had. I only hope I can pay it forward in the future by contributing useful content.



Welcome to the forum. :wink:

:handshake: :beer:


Welcome to the madness!

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