New to the forum, introduce yourself

hi there am billey frm the netherlands, am on linux now for a good 20 years, but still consider myself an average user. :joy:

started out on Ubuntu and seen some distros over time, none really stuck, but last few years i got real feeling for the terminal and now am on a ubu & arch distros all the time, for work i have to support ppl on windows machines and they are always suprised why i need SSH and such to get in the deeps over there. i mean.. desktop is fine but slow on things like teamviewer. i love that linux is TUI and CLI first.

ofcourse i have my issues with the majaro desktops too.

the biggest; my eye sight is bad.
i NEED!! a global dark theme, and with flatpaks, or even the normal manjaro install it is still a real hassle to get it al back backgronds with white text.

so thats the number 1 thing i like so see improved ASAP for all the distro flavors. before booting you need have an option... eg. choose white-on-black OR boot your system with a consistent dark mode.

the highcontrastinverse theme only works on GTK apps, i need to beat QT in submission. some apps or panels are sand-boxed and still default to white backgrounds, sometimes text is too gray or dark and unreadable on a dark background theme, esp with QT apps.

its 2020 guys, accessibility should come out of the box, with a simple switch dark/light .


Hello there, I'm from Norway and been using Linux for a while.
Im just getting into Manjaro so be patient with me, been using debian based system when learning Linux, and built Doorplanner system at old jobs with Debian based system running on the small lcd screens.

I want to be of any help or get help.
I getting to this system and been nicely done in Gnome now.


The KDE version has a bunch of different dark themes under "Colors" in the System Settings. If not using KDE at the moment, you should consider it. It's the best DE in my opinion!


Hello! i'm from Ethiopia (The land of origin :innocent: )
ive been trying almost every Linux distro. and there is something that I don't like about them. and finally after installing manjaro I can not found something that I don't like.

Manjaro is the best ever!


I have primarily been a BSD user for the past 20 years (mostly FreeBSD and OpenBSD, and also MacOS). I gave up on Linux when I found FreeBSD because everything made more sense, was better documented and just seemed to work and stay that way.

Recently, I was looking to repurpose a desktop that had been acting as a headless FreeBSD server for the past 9 years. I would have installed a WM/DE in FreeBSD and ran with that, but I can't run Electron apps there yet (e.g. Signal-desktop, Slack) or Zoom so I figured I'd play around with Linux again.

I first tried to install Ubuntu, because I used it once in the past and am vaguely familiar with how to admin a Debian system. Unfortunately, the installer wouldn't install Grub on the disk unless it was /dev/sda, but I wanted to install it on /dev/sde (I have disks in there but didn't want to move the cable). If there was a bug in the installer like that what lurked into the OS itself? I didn't want to find out.

Then I tried Void because it was created by a NetBSD developer and the package system seemed similar. I couldn't install grub with that either, but no idea why. Apparently it is a common problem and seems to be related to some UEFI/BIOS thing. I don't want to spend time fighting with my desktop, I'd rather tinker on my servers/network gear so I moved on again.

Then I tried Manjaro. WOW, what a breath of fresh air! I was able to install and be up and running quickly and seamlessly. I've been running for a few weeks so far and while there are quirks, they are minimal and everything seems rock solid. That's probably not enough time to really prove it out, but I'm very happy so far. Everything just works out of the box!

I oversee DevOps and Quality Engineering at my company so I know what goes into building and maintaining software. Hats off the devs (and community) of Manjaro; you have put together a fantastic product. Thank you for all you do!


Hey I'm Flying Kiwi from NZ,

After some time away from Windows/Arch and on the Mac landscape I return to Arch (kinda via Manjaro :wink: ) since I've returned to my home country.

Had it up and running for a week, was wonderful - some PBKAC issues caused some bad decision making and I've broken it - but finally actually read enough about Grub/MBR/GPT etc to feel like the learning was great! Still actively trying to fix :slight_smile:

Maybe you're a pro and want to help I'm debugging over here: Bios doesn't show Grub menu



Hey everyone!

I'm from Perth, Western Australia and have enjoyed being a Linux user for 20 years now. I'm just an amateur and hobbyist at best, but I dabble in a few scripting languages here and there. I've tried so many distros and was on Ubuntu/Fedora/Debian/Slackware for the best part of my entire Linux life, but once in a while, I like to mix it up and try something different.

I heard so many good reviews of Manjaro on podcasts and blogs etc and thought I'd give it a go. So far I'm enjoying it quite a lot and look forward to contributing in any way I can to help the community.


@GreenSourceCode, Richard M. Stallman, without whom we wouldn't have GNU, which means we wouldn't have GNU/Linux, has self-diagnosed as a high-functioning person (which he certainly is) with Asperberger's Syndrome.

A somewhat irascible benefactor of the whole world, he is a personal hero of mine, and should be a personal hero of everyone who loves Linux.


Hello, community! Today is day 1 of my adventures with Manjaro, so now that I have it up and running in VirtualBox, I figure it's a good time to join this lovely community.

My name's Matt and I've been using Linux since March, 2009. I started with Ubuntu and a few years ago (perhaps 2? not sure), I switched to Mint. I love Mint, but I'm also always curious about new stuff. I've seen that running gag a lot, "that's it! I'm moving to Arch", so I looked into it and it sounds a bit too scary, especially the installation process. I'm not experienced enough for that. So hey, Manjaro it is! Also, good opportunity to finally try out that KDE desktop I've heard and seen so much about.

Installation on VirtualBox was a bit bumpy (black screen woes, but they resolved themselves after a while). Right now, it's running pretty smoothly, building GZDoom from the AUR on another screen as I'm typing this.

Depending on how things go, I might install it on my laptop (I have a desktop and laptop) as a main driver once I feel I've sufficiently familiarized with the OS. My first impressions are very positive, especially the software availability!

Anyway, that's pretty much all for now. I'll be honest, I hope I won't have to post too much here, I mean it's always best if stuff just works, right? :wink: Still, I figured I'd pop in and say hi.

Best regards from Saarbrรผcken, Germany,


Arch is not that hard to install if you want to. Just do it few times in VM and then it will be easy! Harder way is to babysit it all the time. (depends what you want to use it for)
I can give you my todo for installing arch if you want.


Thank you kindly! I might get back to you on that. For the next few days though, I see myself exploring Manjaro in-depth first. Lots of new impressions and experiences to take in!


I think you'll enjoy this warm and friendly community.

I hope you enjoy your experience with Manjaro as I myself have. I was a mint and Ubuntu user many years ago. I when back to Windows for my current job. I came back to Linux about 3 months ago. After a week of researching distro's, I settled on Manjaro for it's rolling releases and it's lack of difficulty setting up, as compared to Arch.

I'm extremely happy with Manjaro and I've been bitten with a customization spider.

I'm getting tons of help from the community learning the in's and out's of Manjaro. I couldn't thank them enough for helping me learn, and expand my knowledge of Linux.

Enjoy your time friend, and the coffee is pretty good here too!

EDIT: My comment being moved here makes no sense. I get this is the "Introduce Yourself" thread. But This comment was in response to a different topic and feels completely out of place here.



One of the great things with Manjaro is that you can install a flavour and use it out of the box, or you can install it exactly the same way you install Arch, when the itch hits.

The latter is actually so easy that even I can do it and started that way just because of being detail obsessed, first with Debian net text based install and then Manjaro the CLI way.

In fact, much of what they talk about in the Newbie Corner is way above my head, might as well be goddamn Greek to me, hehe.,


Hi there! I'm one day in to my Manjaro Gnome installation, and am loving it so far. The nagging little problems I saw on my hardware using Ubuntu and Mint are gone! I've used various distros as servers for a while, but I'm fairly new to Linux as my daily driver... another Windows 10 refugee. Anything else? Not really. Hope to be here for a long time to come!


Hi, I'm from Italy and started using Manjaro 3-4 weeks ago when I had enought of Windows not working as intended.
I'm finding Linux much easier than I remember. I started using it in middle school just for fun but got bored pretty quickly. Now I'm using it as my main desktop and I'm pretty satisfied.
I love the Terminal and the personalization, even if I still have to figure out a lot of things


Hi Everyone. This is Taukir Hasan from Bangladesh....


Hello from Czech Republic,

I have been experimenting with Linux for last two years and I truly enjoy this adventure even thought it is kind of love and hate relationship. :heart_eyes: I still have to keep dual-boot with Windows 10 for various odd reasons but I am trying to stay away from Windows as much as possible. I am grateful for opportunity to be able to learn from this great community. Bit by bit.

And eat more rice people! :rice:


hey there, i am from pakistan. was a window user but somehow got ransomware on my windows so decided to switch to linux for good. since Manjaro is reportedly beginner friendly so gave it a go. had to install it thrice because i wanted to manually partition the hdd. then went along with the first option erase all and something..


Hi Everyone.

This is my second post on here but here goes...
I have been using Manjaro XFCE for the past 4 months and I cannot see myself ever leaving Manjaro. Thank you for creating such a wonderful operating system. I love Manjaro so much. It is beyond fantastic. It is a thing of beauty.

The only negative is that it is quite difficult to get certain Engineering CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) programmes to function such as STAR-CCM+ and ANSYS but I see online that it can be done. This is a teeny-tiny negative in comparison to the massive list of positives.

PS I love you Manjaro.


You'll find yourself using Windows less and less, as you discover the freedom of Linux!

I last used Windows as a dual-boot system 7 years ago, and that was 100% for Steam games. Of course, now I don't need no steenking Windows to play games, no sir!


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