New to the forum, introduce yourself

Hi Everyone.

I've only been using Manjaro for about a week now, but I've been using Linux exclusively for almost 3 years. I started out with Ubuntu, as that is what everyone was saying was the best to start with. I then got tired of the bloat, so switched to Debian. Debian is great, but updates can take forever. :slight_smile:

Last week, I decided to try something new and almost completely different. I took a look at the Manjaro Mate ISO, and haven't looked back. On this system, it only takes about 15-20 seconds from turning the system on, to having the desktop in front of me. It has been a great experience.

I hope that I'll be able to help with some of the questions in the forums, but still working on things such as pacman. It's a lot different than apt, but also a lot faster. :wink:

Keep up the great work with Manjaro. I've been having a great time with it!


Hi! I'm a student from India. I have been trying out different Linux distros for a couple of years now, and facing wifi and driver problems in most (Dual booting with Windows 10).
Just installed Manjaro a couple of days ago on a friend's suggestion. Feel like this might be the one to stick to.
I find myself just copying commands from forums whenever I'm stuck, so would be glad if someone recommends a resource from where I can learn the basics and solve at least the most trivial of issues in Linux.


Every linux user should have this bookmarked " " No matter what distro they have and add this as your on Manjaro " " Read and read thats the key . Best know a little about what you copy and paste blindly into terminal :wink:


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Hi, I just installed Manjaro OS yesterday.
It's so cool,awesome and more importantly amazed by Manjaro's performance.
My PC is quite old, so had some struggles with Windows. But, Manjaro OS runs fine on my PC.


Hello from South East England :slight_smile:
New to linux.
I have Ubuntu laptop (dual boot with w10 only for adobe books) for about a year.
And a 3 week old Manjaro/kde PC (dual booting w10 for some games)
I'm hoping to lose the w10 as i learn more.

I would like to thank the Beards for this excellent resource and your patience with us newbs. :heart_eyes:


Welcome to all you new gals and guys!
I hope you'll enjoy Manjaro and this forum :vulcan_salute:

Check the good advice from @shjim :point_up: and take the tutorial.

For your convenience:


Hello from Taiwan everyone! Hope everything is going allright during these times.

On the bright side I just learned about Linux distros and I am super interested in Manjaro. I'm honestly super excited to see an active community here, since I'm super new to Linux in general so I hope that the Manjaro community will help me learn more about this great OS. I'm hoping to migrate all of my PCs to Manjaro in the future, just an ASUS laptop facebook machine and a mid-range PC, mostly for gaming. Still might have to keep windows 10 around for select purposes, but want to use manjaro for most functions. Can't wait to learn more about this community in the future.


Hello from the Great Plains of the US! I'm a newbie to Manjaro but have been using Ubuntu or Fedora for years. I recently upgraded my PC and hope to set up a GPU passthrough, and have been having fun learning about all the different techniques and systems that I need to set up. My day job is being a rancher so it's actually a nice change of pace to sit in front of a computer for a few hours every evening. I hope to learn a lot from the community, and someday to contribute myself.


Hello fellas, from Malaysia and just started my higher education. Started using Linux since the lockdown. (Kubuntu -> Pop! OS -> KDE Neon -> Solus ). I always wanted to use Manjaro since someone recommended it but decided that I'd learn more about Linux before going to an Arch-based distro. And I have to tell ya guys, this Manjaro stuff is crazy and I think this is my last time distro-hopping. Hoping I can use Manjaro for university!


Welcome, fannah! I've found this community incredibly welcoming and positive, even for an older gentleman like myself. I agree that you may have found your final Linux implementation, as Manjaro is simply brilliant. Good luck in your studies!


Hello World

Hi, I love the thought of getting good at linux. I am a noob programmer and manjaro linux. I will be asking a lot of questions so please help me :yum: .

Ive attempted linux distros over the years, ubuntu, linux mint, qubes, some more i cant even remember, they all broke easily, monjaro is working ok for the few hours ive been using it but ive already run into problems with basic functionality so my hopes are not high with this one either



There will always be configuration and some wrangling to set things up. If you stick with one distro long enough to work out the basick kinks, I think you'll discover that it is most often a case of user mindset, than things ''breaking''. It might seem overwhelming in the beginning, but pretty soon you'll laugh about it!

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Hallo to everyone,

I'm writing from Italy (sorry for my poor english), I started about 13 years ago with Linux distro starting with Ubuntu "Gutsy Gibbon" found attached to a magazine and after 3 release moved to Debian stable-XFCE using an Acer 9500 with 1 Gb of Ram and Pentium M 1.73 Ghz.
Last year I retired the old PC and on the current Acer Swift SF315-52G I wanted to try the installation of Manjaro-KDE which took place without any driver compatibility problems for both the wi-fi card and the two graphics cards Intel and Nvidia.

There is no denying: a great software and a big applause to the voluntary developers who carry out the project :clap: :clap: :clap:

corrects some mistakes, tanks to freggel.doe for Ubuntu time releases


আসসালামু আলাইকুম
ধন্যবাদ :bangladesh:

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:slightly_smiling_face: It also took me three years before switching to Manjaro.

In my case, I was a hardcore Linux Mint user.

Debian is stable, but all of the fun (where Debian is concerned), is in the Unstable branch of Debian.

Welcome to the Manjaro Forum and I do hope that you enjoy using your chosen flavour of Manjaro!

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Welcome to Manjaro,

I'm sorry to tell you, but those 20 years you've been living were actually more like 13:

Thanks a lot. Appreciate the advice.

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Hallo freggel.doe, many thanks for the precisations, time goes fast :hugs:, and I forgot the real data when I began to use Ubuntu, but I don't forgot the name "Gutsy Gibbon".
I have corrected my first post

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I'm living in Germany (born in Hungary) and started with Linux a month ago, so I'm at the very beginning.

I tried first Manjaro after weeks of research, as it was one of the recommended distros for gaming and I wanted an Arch based one. Till now it seems like I did the right choice. First I installed Manjaro on my old laptop in dual boot option, as I wanted to test it before install it on my gaming pc. I know that I have to learn a lot after years of windows (started with 3.1), but I enjoy the way. On my gaming pc I succeeded to install an run world of tanks with wine and lutris. I was very pleased to see, that my cpu (Ryzen 3 3300X), gpu (RX 5500XT) and even my mouse (Razer Trinity) work "out of the box". Moreover the sensibility swap option on the mouse (two buttons near to the wheel) works too without the original razer program. I just have a lag issue, but I ask for that in the relevant topic.

On my dual boot laptop I'm now only using Manjaro and I hope that I succeed to solve my lag issue on my gaming pc, because I don't really want to go back to windows therefore.

At the end I want to say a big thank to all of the persons they gave and give time from their lives to give us another option as windows and to all of those they're helping users and newbies like me :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day


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