New to the forum, introduce yourself

Thanks a lot. Appreciate the advice.

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Hallo freggel.doe, many thanks for the precisations, time goes fast :hugs:, and I forgot the real data when I began to use Ubuntu, but I don't forgot the name "Gutsy Gibbon".
I have corrected my first post

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I'm living in Germany (born in Hungary) and started with Linux a month ago, so I'm at the very beginning.

I tried first Manjaro after weeks of research, as it was one of the recommended distros for gaming and I wanted an Arch based one. Till now it seems like I did the right choice. First I installed Manjaro on my old laptop in dual boot option, as I wanted to test it before install it on my gaming pc. I know that I have to learn a lot after years of windows (started with 3.1), but I enjoy the way. On my gaming pc I succeeded to install an run world of tanks with wine and lutris. I was very pleased to see, that my cpu (Ryzen 3 3300X), gpu (RX 5500XT) and even my mouse (Razer Trinity) work "out of the box". Moreover the sensibility swap option on the mouse (two buttons near to the wheel) works too without the original razer program. I just have a lag issue, but I ask for that in the relevant topic.

On my dual boot laptop I'm now only using Manjaro and I hope that I succeed to solve my lag issue on my gaming pc, because I don't really want to go back to windows therefore.

At the end I want to say a big thank to all of the persons they gave and give time from their lives to give us another option as windows and to all of those they're helping users and newbies like me :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day


Hi Everyone I'm Andy from the UK. I made the permanent switch from Windows to Linux about 4 years ago. Initially switched so I could try my hand at android development/moding (custom roms etc). Loved Linux so much I never went back, I was on Mint for 4 years but got persuaded to broaden my horizons and switched to manjaro-cinnamon edition a week ago and really enjoy it. Took a bit of get used with the package manager and new commands but have to say its a better way of doing things than debian distros


Hi Guys Danish dude here. I am completely new to Linux and decided to install manjaro on my newly arrived laptop a lenovo l13

I am looking forward to getting to know the forum and you guys as well as learn to have Manjaro as my daily driver for school and work


Hey, Canadianised Aussie here in Ontario. Tried installing in order, Arch from the wiki(lots of work here!), AnarchyInstaller(less work), Manjaro Xfce(simplest install), Manjaro Architect(useful for not needing to look up the wiki). All of them broke at various places thoughout their respective installs. Time to join the forum to learn how to post and fix at least one, starting with: How to provide good information in your posts (CRITICAL!) Great to be here!


Hi everyone, short introduction:
I’ve been using Linux on and off since the mid 90’s, everything from Red Hat, SuSe, Debian and lots of derivates. Although I have to use Windows for work I’ve always disliked it intensely. For the last 20 years I’m using Mac’s at home but always keep some machines (laptops and Raspberry Pi’s) around on which to run Linux. Most of my experience is with Debian based distro’s and until recently I haven’t tried Arch. I installed Manjaro a couple of months ago and really impressed by it. It will probably be my main Linux distro for the foreseeable future.

Originally from South Africa but living in The Netherlands (The Hague) for the last 3 years, and loving it!


Hello everybody,

I've been using Linux for about three years, mostly Ubuntu.

I joined the forum a week ago, when I was trying Manjaro in virtual machines with a view to having it instead of Ubuntu, and I thought I might need help. To my surprise, I haven't needed it, despite converting both my laptops to Manjaro and customising everything to my liking. I had a few small problems, but nothing a few online searches and a little trial and error didn't sort out - the most fiddly ones were installing Dropbox and Folder Color, I think. I was pleasantly surprised as online reading suggested Manjaro was a bit difficult.

One thing has really astonished me. I've done a few Ubuntu re-installs lately, from repeatedly bricking laptops with over-enthusiastic experiments (always use VMs, kids), and I got used to waiting hours for Ubuntu to do its stuff. The first time I installed Manjaro on a proper machine it was done so fast I thought something had gone wrong! I get the impression everything runs a little faster, too. Yesterday, I replaced the drive in one of my laptops with an SSD: Manjaro installed in, quite literally, five minutes! Why have I been messing with Ubuntu all these years? Especially as I can't find that I've lost anything by moving over.

My desktop PC is currently unwell, but I had intended putting a different distro and desktop on each of the three machines. Changed my mind - it's Manjaro all round - I'm a Manjaro convert, now!


Welcome... Enjoy your Manjaro xp :blush:

It's a tad more manual in some ways (for example, having to address a GPU-related problems from a third-party vendor), but at least I feel a tad more in control of this machine.


I'm from Georgia. I've been using Linux for 2+ years, mostly Mint Xfce. Before and after I've been trying to test many distros to find the one that fits my needs very well, and looks like Manjaro Kde is definitely the one :slight_smile:


Hi all!

I'm from Italy and I've been using Linux for some years now but mainly Debian based distros. This is my first time with Manjaro and up to now I'm really happy with it!
Cheers guys and stay safe.


Greetings. I started using Linux after a mentor of mine suggested it to me after a summer "internship" (2nd year of middle school). I found myself trying CentOS and Fedora, after which I solidly settled on Arch Linux.

I enjoyed building up and ricing my own personal workstation, but there enlied a problem; My noobish configuration required a lot of maintenance. I didn't mind it really, but many of my other more important projects would be sidetracked because I forgot to manually install my legacy Nvidia drivers from AUR after a full system update, and my LightDM wouldn't start up. ( Quick tip: If you are stuck at the underscore-blinking-when-I-was-supposed-to-be-at-login-prompt screen, check the graphics drivers. Saved me a lot of time; I hope it can save yours as well. )

Thus I moved to Manjaro to avoid such inconveniences, and am not dissapointed by any stretch of the imagination. Now, as someone who has a bit of experience with Linux and other PC related topics, I think it would only be appropriate to start contributing to the community; that, and my social ineptitude that of a underage turtle, so I'm hoping to fix that by extension( Figured that writing here would be a good start ).

Regardless, a huge thanks to the Manjaro team for their hard work on the Distro, I hope I'll be of some help to this community in the future. :smile:


I've been using manjaro for a few years now, and Linux in general for over a decade.

I love how manjaro "just works." I personally am someone who wants to install something and prefer not to do a lot of initial configuration. I can do it, but less time doing that is more time tuning my install and enjoying the software.


Hello all,

I am a 17 year old from India. I've never used Linux before but read a lot about it. Manjaro is to be the very first distro for me. Excited!


Hello all,

I'm from Texas. Been using Linux since about 2016 on a dual-boot machine with Windows 10. My first dip was with Linux Mint (due to it's superficial similarity to Windows) and I've stuck with that up until now. I'm real big on customization and I heard that Manjaro was second only to Arch itself in that respect and since Arch is a bit over my head, I decided to go with Manjaro. Loving it so far, especially the massive, up-to-date software repos. That was another major reason I decided to try it out. I have a good feeling about this move, so we'll see how it plays out over the next few months. Looking forward to it!


Welcome . Enjoy your Manjaro exp ....

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I am a Portuguese guy living in Germany.
I have used Linux Mint Cinnamon as my daily driver for many years but heard good things about KDE Plasma and decided to give it a try about a week ago. Therefore i chose Manjaro. I am really enjoying it and i think i am not going back to Mint.


I am from the US i have little experience of linux i used a three year old istro of debian for a month two years back but then i updated it and everything broke so now I am using linux gain because windows 10 annoyed me for the final time


Hi everyone!

I used Linux mostly exclusively from 2002-2008. I started with Mandrake/Mandriva, then Ubuntu and Mint. Used Slack, Fedora and OpenSUSE over the years. But with other requirements I wound up on Windows for a decade. But as I helped someone setup Windows 10 on their laptop last month and you were required to link it to a Microsoft account I decided it was time to leave that.

Then I started to hear about Manjaro. I'm excited that it's a rolling release between a point release like Ubuntu and bleeding edge like Arch. Wish me luck!

Now I just need to remember my Linux skills.


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