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Hi All,

I'm a big Linux fan from Slovakia, been using Linux sporadically since first Red Hat releases, since my university study was based on Linux/Unix coding. Then switched over from M$ completely about 12 years ago and never looked back :wink: I started with Ubuntu, then when Unity came, hopped over to Mint -> LMDE -> Debian -> Netrunner -> Netrunner Debian -> Maui -> Kubuntu -> ended back at Ubuntu 18.04 when it returned to Gnome, but was largely disappointed by the performance and overall readiness of the system. Then tried Manjaro Gnome and was blown away by the pure performance difference in comparison to Ubuntu. Amazing how it is the same Gnome version, but on the same laptop, Ubuntu is so much slower and laggier - unbelievable. I was also very pleasantly surprised by how much Manjaro utils and pamac/pacman themselves have progressed over the years - everything seems so much better than in Debian space, not to mention the vast knowledge universe coming from Arch and their wiki. So I've decided to make Manjaro my daily driver, for both home and work since I've never had so many "Wooow this works, too" moments since my switch to Linux. Being very happy and ecstatic with my "new Linux" :joy: and very glad that I could join such a great community :smile:


That's so awesome Congrats, DavidTn :+1::smiley:

Hey guys!

I am from Colombia, south America. I`ve been a linux fan since about 20 years. As probably many of you guys here, I believed in software libre and in the possibility of changing the world through information since long ago. So, I have persisted in purpose.

Happy to have found you all.


Hi folks

I'm from UK and installed Manjaro for the first time last week. I had a few issues getting it to play nice dual booting with windows (4 attempts before success) but got there in the end.

I've got an issue with Thumar but I'll post about that elsewhere when I've fogured out where that should be




Hi there! I'm a serious distro hopper, getting bbfrustrated with one after another. I'm a gadget nerd; my latest acquisition is an Oculus Go wireless VR headset (early verdict: pretty impressive for only $200 and self-contained).

I'm also a KDE developer with a knack for wrecking my system. So I'm here looking for another alternative. But I'll post that story over in the Newbie area.

I live in Chicago, which just happens to be one of the finest cities on Earth and certainly the finest in the States.

I first used Linux on a dial-up shell account, back in the 90s. I was away for a long time, but I'm back in. Being able to contribute to KDE and being accepted is an awesome awesome part of the FOSS culture.

Off to ask my (incredibly) n00b question...


Hi everyone!

I am now working as a schoolteacher and love both humanities and technology.

I used linux years ago and that was when Gnome 2 is still on the run. I dabbled a bit here and there but after I got to my career as a teacher, I no longer have the time for it.

Currently after some problems with windows I decided to dual boot with another distro - while also getting some nostalgic experience I need. I researched a lot of distros (ubuntu, linux mint, kubuntu, kde neon, bodhi linux, ubuntu mate, manjaro etc) but I found out that manjaro is the one suitable to my needs. So here it is!

I would also like to thank user @gohlip for solving the dual boot problem on some user's PC here and there !! If not for it I might already skipped using Manjaro and try other distro (or worse, skipped using Linux after all)

So yeah, welcome all!


Hi All!
Windows user attempting to make the big switch permanently! I've been testing out different distros over the last year or 2 (mint, ubuntu, etc) and found manjaro to be the most fun. Running on my thinkpad x240 and loving it so far. I've been here many a times as a browser to get random things working so I figured it was time to join.


The forum needs more people like you.:star_struck:




You're welcome even if you are terse about presenting yourself :smile:

Hey guys! I've been using Linux for the past 5-6 years, and started using it full time in 2014. I've tried out a number of distros - I'm a "distro hopper" if you will. I've used different flavours of Ubuntu and Mint, and about 8 months ago I decided to check out Manjaro.

I installed Manjaro on a laptop I used for school, and it was great! It eased me into Arch Linux. I now run straight up Arch on that laptop. On my PC I ran Antergos for about a month but when I tried to reinstall it, I couldn't get it to go in. As of today, I'm now officially using Manjaro on my main PC!

I'm currently dual-booting with Spyware/Windows, as I can't quite bring myself to sacrafice just under half of my Steam library. One day, I'll make the full transition to Linux full time. The fact that I do most of my gaming on Linux already says a lot about the future of gaming on Linux, so I have faith that one day I'll be able to do it.



I am Ken, a web developer and Linux advocator. I started using Manjaro last year (after switching from Debian) and I found it to be the best operating system that fits perfectly my needs. It is great to be part of this community.

Thank you!


Hi! :slight_smile:

I'm Eric. Web developer and (retro) computer hobbyist. I switched to Manjaro after Arch Linux refused to boot on my new Ryzen system. Never did figure out why Arch wasn't working, but Manjaro did... and I think it's more stable than Arch :smiley:


Hello, my name is Karel and I'm beginner web developer =)

I wanted to try out Linux for so long and Last weekend I finally did! It was kinda pain to dualboot with Windows, because my laptop is something special i guess, but with the HELP on the form (thank you @gohlip) I manager to do it! =)

I'm so happy with it. I'm even considering to switch to Manjaro completely.


Hi I'm gimz from the Philippines, I'm working in Saudi Arabia, Linux has filled free time here. This my first time to use arch base distro. I have used debian & gentoo based distro before. I tried Manjaro because I would like to know why it's #1 in Distrowatch. I like the trial though I find it difficult to install using M-A, I used calamares instead to install on my old desktop pc. Thanks Manjaro Devs, Good job.


Hello! Long time Ubuntu user for years, I switched to Manjaro. My reason for why I have fallen in love with this Linux distribution is for its beauty, usability, and user-friendly oriented interface, as well as "rolling release" upgrades.

Alongside computers, I'm fascinated by video games, science such as astronomy and space exploration, and at last all transport related subjects like space exploration, planes, and railway.

It will be a pleasure to interact with Manjaro enthusiast users.

Here we go!


It's good to be aboard, thank-you, bot, for the welcome!

I am about to buy a StationX Spitfire for Manjaro. According to StationX's write-up, the machine is set up specifically for Manjaro XFCE. I am pretty sure I would prefer KDE as I have used it in Linux Mint. I am sure Eddie will install either but has anyone any advice before I take the plunge.

Talking of plunges, we are basking in a rare heatwave here. We've had no rain for a month or more, and temperatures are running consistently between 28 and 31C. Water rationing has begun - yes, in Ireland!



Hello from GA, US!!!

New to Manjaro...not so new to GNU/Linux in general:

Tried/used just about every major distro (except Arch and Gentoo)...
Heck, from March 2013 till the beginning of this year, my primary system 
was LFS (Linux From Scratch, with XFCE :smile:).  Catastrophic 
drive failure took care of that. 

First up with the new SSD was Mint/Cinnamon, my first foray into the 
wonderful world of SystemD.  Worked fairly well OOB, but did have some 
seriously annoying (to me) quirks.  Was able to eventually resolve 
some of them; others would not, no matter what I tried.  

Spent a lot of time on the Arch wiki...

However, what totally soured me on Mint was the fact that 2 very important 
(to me) software packages (gpg2 and openssl) were *2* YEARS old.  

I did not have the inclination to look at all the dependencies 
(I had a nice database of dependencies for my LFS system, and could see 
at a glance whether upgrading a particular piece of software would be 
worth the effort); using a distro, I should not have to do that, 
and regardless of where a distro sources itself, the devs must *not* 
sit back and wait for their upstream to update security software.  

So, bye-bye Mint...

So, here I am...wanted to try Arch, but wanted an OOB experience first.  
I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of this distro...
not to mention that I feel right at home with XFCE.  
<strike>I have a sneaky feeling that I've got me a new 'home'!</strike>

19 Oct 2019:  

Not anymore.

hi guys Jay here I was looking for a guide to install a plex server in manjaro can you point me in the right directions please.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome, please use search function

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