New to the forum, introduce yourself

HI guys and gals,

i'm from germany and ve been using linux, mostly debian and ubunto based distros, but did also a lot of hopping around and i'd like to settle down with Manjaro. I hope it will work out great, though i'm not a coder.

Flavour i've choosen is Cinnemon, i love the way it themed in Manjaro
I really came for the beauty of destribution, promise of simplicity and hope for a helpful community since i'm still newbe for linux, i'm willing to learn....

Thanks to all involved in making Manjaro!!!!!


hello from Zurich Switzerland,
I was infected by Apple as a student beginning with Mac SE (1988). As you guess I am an analog native. Now I still have Macs for my job, but the magic has gone, especially since I updated my MB Pro to the latest OSX. Booting takes minutes and it does not work properly! Soon my Apple era will end.
Years ago I started exploring GNU/Linux with Ubuntu on an old Compaq desktop PC. I was supported by a relative.
Now in my household are 3 older laptops with MX15 and one HP Elitebook 2570p that I run with Manjaro stable. I like it very much. When something breaks after an update, I have the opportunity to learn or to swear or both :wink:
I subscribed also to the german Manjaro forum.
Thank you Manjaro team and all the friendly supporters on the forum.


I'm new to Linux. I'm trying few different distributions and I like Manjaro the best. No, scratch that, I LOVE Manjaro.

I'm originally from Slovenia (EU). (a little trivia, Slovenia is the only country on the planet (and probably beyond) with "LOVE" in it's name: sLOVEnia. )

Now I'm wondering, there has to be some kind of connection with 'love' and Manjaro? :innocent:


What's happenin' all, I'm Beto the Great (failure) from Los Angeles California. Been messing with Linux distros for almost a beer year now and my desktop can call Manjaro home.:sunglasses:


New to this forum and not as familiar with Linux as I should be, although I've used a few distros. Ubuntu mainly, seems everybody give that one a go. Prior to that, all the Windows except the first one (pre 1995 I think,) so I've done my share of swearing at systems.


Hello @barneyr and welcome. I started out using Gentoo (which almost scared me off completely from Linux) until I started using Ubuntu more or less regularly in 2008 or something like that, and finally landed on Arch and shortly thereafter on Manjaro a couple of years ago. Since Windows became spyware/malware recently I am 99% fulltime on Linux, only falling back on Windows when there's an application I absolutely need to use... so I'm not completely free from cursing at systems, but almost. :wink:

There's alot of good things to say about Ubuntu, but I can't say I miss reinstallations every 6 months, or ancient applications on the LTS side. But it provided a good foundation for getting the hang of how Linux works. Anything else you may lack in experience right now will sort itself out in time.


Hi all, have been enjoying Manjaro lxde, new to the site. I have been with Linux for about four years now and wanted a rolling release, so here we go.
Thanks for the add



Although I am not new to Linux in general, I am new to Manjaro & Arch. My 1st experience with Linux was back in 2008 when I had a pesky virus on my Windows PC that kept coming back no matter how many times I tried to remove it. This forced me to look for an alternative to Windows & I soon learned of Linux Ubuntu which I installed as my main OS, then I switched to Puppy Linux, then Bodhi. In 2010 I bought an Apple iMac, but in 2014 my Mac crapped out & I was forced by economics to get a decent gaming PC / Lenovo Idea Pad Y510P with Windows 8.1 installed. Needless to say I hated Windows 8.1 and began my search for another Linux OS. I tested and tested various OS's in Virtual Box and settled on SolydX. I consider myself close to almost a Intermediate user by now. Then in 2015 I found Manjaro and toyed around with the various releases off & on. I have recently been dual booting Xfce 16.06 & Lxqt Dark 16.04 & I must say I am very impressed with Manjaro, the forums & the Wiki. This community seems top notch & Spatry has been a wealth of information and huge help in all things Manjaro : ) Thanks Spatry you're the Man !! Manjaro Xfce 16.06 is now going to be my primary OS on my Lenovo Laptop, Goodbye Windows !!


about one year manjaro user, kde on two NB and xfce on an old laptop

exciting distro :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone, I guess I'm new again, so just wanted to say hello. I love Manjaro and have it installed on one desktop (fluxbox) and one laptop bspwm. Before that I was using openbox on the laptop and pekwm on the desktop. The install on my laptop is now around 2 years old and still going strong! Viva la Manjaro!!!


Hello out there! I am using Linux for a couple of years now. Like some of you I sometimes have to use Windows because as a teacher of a secondary school in Germany some programs are not available for Linux. That must be changed!
I switched to Manjaro a couple of months ago after using OpenSuse for years and years and years. :grin:
But I've never regretted my choice because Manjaro is much better than anything I have seen before.


Hello... I'm mexican...

As almost everyone, I started with computers with a Windows 3.1 386 IBM computer. Before college, I discovered Ubuntu (I stillhave the Ubuntu 8.04 CD) and got into the world of Linux by myself. After some time spent, went back to Windows, until I started to try Arch. I was blown away, not only for efficiency and simplicity of the OS, but for the excellent documentation and support of the community. It was not long ago that I discovered Manjaro.

Today I dual boot a G42 Hp laptop (i3 processor, 4GB of RAM) and is flying in the Manjaro Partition.

I'm working on my thesis for my degree, an I'm pretty happy with the performance, ease of using and, of course, the customization possibilities that the system offers...



hello for down under...

i have been using windows for the last 20 years and was introduced to docker by a colleague..
and now i am amazed by what you can do with linux.

have been using manjaro for 2 weeks now and just wanted to drop a line to say thank you.
loving my experience with manjaro, how easy it to setup and customize it and BYO (build-your-own).


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Hi all.

I've been using Manjaro for 3.5 years & am still loving it. I'm based in South Africa & use it as my primary OS. Given that my machine is business-critical, that says a lot for the stability that the team have achieved & continue to deliver.

More power to the team & amazing Manjaro community.

Ruziel :wink:



Having been a happy Xubuntu-user, I tried out Manjaro just for fun last December. Well here we are in May 2016 and I haven`t even booted into Xubuntu even once since January. :smile: I was really surprised how good Manjaro is, how well everything fits together. The Update-Process actively supported by the devs, the packages, AUR :heart_eyes: being available.

Having said all that I still like the German Ubuntu community, they helped me fix dualboot problems with Manjaro and are overall very nice and helpful guys, doing a labor of love for linux. Back in the day, after a rough start with SUSE 9.1, they helped me stick with linux, with their fantastic WIKI and friendly forum.


Hi everyone! I just installed Manjaro :slight_smile:
First Linux distro I tried was Ubuntu about 2 years ago, but it didn't last long back then.
Then I installed Arch and managed 6 months without booting Windows for the first time ever :slight_smile:
Unfortunately the Arch HDD died and I switched back to Win. Now I bought a second HDD but was too lazy to install Arch again so here I am..... Cheers!


I think you'll be pleased, @Oshimoto

As for myself - I'm terrible at these things ...
Linux user/advocate for about half a decade with low-intermediate skills.
Manjaro gained and keeps placement as my favorite distro, though I do like to take a peek around from time to time as well as try to support all the other unmentionables for those around me. Where I'm at now, this current install is going to stay - so I decided to be more active with the community. I'm also an insomniac, so I like dark themes and can be overly paranoid.
Nice to meet y'all and Cheers to the Manjaro Team. :beers: Simply Lekker.


Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and the distro. I'm certainly not new to Linux and also had to use Linux for work, though my knowledge of it still is not very deep. My first distro that ran on one of my own computers was an old Mandrake release (single digit), and later I switched to Fedora. As the latter breaks all the time, I moved to the RedHat clones later for work-related stuff and tried out PCLinuxOS and later Mint at home. I also used Vortexbox for my music needs. Not sure why, but the *buntus themselves never liked me or my machines (there was always something I didn't get to work).

Anyway, recently I was looking for a rolling release and stumbled across Manjaro. I must admit I mistook it for another Mandrake clone at first glimpse, because of the name. I had always been shying away from using anything Arch-related. Anyway, here I am, and so far I'm quite happy for the few things I actually use my computer for nowadays (except for gaming, which is still done on a Windows machine). But who knows, I may even try that out one day.

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Hi all,

greetings from Germany. What to say about my linux history:
Used Suse linux on my fathers notebook around the late 90s.
Became 'full time linux user' about 5 years ago with the *buntus.
Started to use manjaro 4 month ago because I wanted to use a distro with more up to date repos.
So far I am quite happy :slight_smile:


Hi, I'm Robert from Canada and I cut my teeth with Mandrake 6.0 back in the day. Slackware has always been a personal fave, but as a longtime user with a particular fondness for rolling release distros such as arch, antiX, PCLinusOs I'd thought I'd give Manjaro a try.

So far so good. I downloaded both the 32bit Xfce and Kde 2016.06 pre2 and happy to report everything working nicely. keep up the good work.


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