New to the forum, introduce yourself

Hi there,

I have been around a month and a half maybe, and I didn't say hi properly.

I'm carzo from Spain, and this forum is amazing! really kind people sharing time and knowledge to help others without expecting any profit. lovely community, really

I switched from win10 to manjaro without many issues. I went directly from windows to only Linux and I don't regret at all.

Thanks for the i3gaps community build and also big thanks to this forum! Now I enjoy much more using my computer.

dlgt i love you !


These things are not allowed here in the forum :wink: :smiley: :joy::rofl::heart_eyes:

Hi dudes and dudettes. I am a Finnish guy in Sweden. I am an 43 years old and simple guy who lost linux for 10 years due to work. But I newer left completely. I have supervised linux servers and development in the past and done some development in perl, php, C etc. BUT now to the most important thing ever. Because you created Manjaro it is easy for me to come back and play and have fun. I installed the community i3 and it rocks. After some fiddling to get my sound and bluetooth headphones working everything else works great. I always used debian in the past for my linux stuff but this is awesome. Debian is great but now I feel they go to far with your own setup. Some default options are great to have from the beginning. As I do not have that much time anymore I am greatful for a very good default. Cya again when I get familiarized.
Rock on =)


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Virtualbox setups may have many issues that are not present on real hardware install. Virtualbox is nice for general look but not for serious testing.
I would recommend to install system on USB 3 stick. This way it will feel more real and will use full hardware, however with the limitation of USB 3 read/writes, so basically it will go slow every time you download or write something on such disc. Aside of that, USB installs are quite good for testing and behave well.
It's possible to setup your firmware that way so it would boot from USB when USB with system is present and boot from disc (HDD or SSD) when USB is not there, so whenever you feel you want to use Linux, just plug USB in, reboot and voila.

i have only one word. INSANE

Insanely blocked... Insanely unclear.

Yep it is. It is an insane world we live in. Just got an email from youtube and it is not nice. =(

Anyways, I just wanted to show I am using sconsify and youtube-viewer and playing around. =)

I understand that Virtualbox has its issues. For instance, I can't figure out how to get the screen enter full screen. It seems stuck at this tiny little window.

I think booting from a live-USB would be better than virtual box, but, I'm using a late 2015 iMac with i5 and Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200, and it looks to be that live-booting on Macs is difficult (at least for a noob). There are several posts on this forum about difficulty booting manjaro on Mac that make me shy away from that option. I'm new to linux and I don't know a thing about hardware. Does a usb install make sense with my hardware? Do you need more info to determine that?

I don't own mac so I can't tell but in such case you are good to be weary. Mac behaves in a strange way so I can't tell if this would work, probably not without a lot of tinkering so it's safer to leave that.

As to virtualbox, it needs guest additions to re-scale the screen of guest OS properly but latest kernels have this in-built already so there should be no need to install them. Manjaro always re-scaled automatically on virtualbox and if it's not doing that, I'm afraid the issue is on the host end. So either you are using some obsolete virtualbox version or/and you don't have host additions installed? I guess mac users should chime in and enlighten the issue, I'm just guessing.

Maybe it's better to start a new topic for that, because this one is for introductions only so we're already far off-topic.

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Hi all!

Manjaro newbie, but reasonably Linux-experienced in general. I'm in disguise here (no offense) because I'm a registered KDE developer. I'm on self-imposed hiatus from bug-fixing - although some of my code is in your Plasma 5.14 and your more recent applications. Just taking a break to explore outside the familiar regions.

So I've got Manjaro set up (with KDE as the base) and running nicely. I even got my hybrid Intel/NVIDIA card to finally run in NVIDIA-accelerated mode for the first time. Yay Manjaro and good documentation & excellent forum posts. Is this necessary? No, but the anti-aliasing is excellent and my pointless but beloved window effects are smoother than ever.

I'm running LightDM with the WebKit2 greeter. I already submitted a minor patch to the maintainer of the sharpest greeter theme I've seen - Litarvan. Really attractive and impressive. (I just corrected some minor grammar.)

In addition to KDE, I've got Pantheon/Elementary and Deepin installed - just to play with. I haven't gotten around to installing i3 yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I've poked at it a little bit a while ago, but nothing serious.

I'm a greybeard, having done "this" since I was a kid. I haven't always worked in the field and don't work now, so I have this laptop covered with stickers that I'm continually tinkering with (hence the multiple DE experiments).

I'm in Chicago, the best city in the country, and one of the top (x <= 5) in the world. We have the best pizza and the best hot dogs; this is not debatable. We used to have the tallest building, but lost that more than 10 years ago. And now we've got an ugly new skyscraper with "that guy"'s name on it in big gold letters. Enough said about that.

I've been a Unix/Linux/etc user since the days of a dial-up shell account. I remember gopher and lynx. I remember Netscape 0.9. But then there's a big gap, and now I know Python and am learning C++, with a side of crafty shell scripting to keep myself entertained.

That's me. Glad to be here. Now I have go to post my "newbie" question...



Hello, my name is Bilbophile and I have been a regular Linux user for 15 years. I live in Romania and before using it regularly I had given it several tries for over five years until it was easy enough to cope with the device drivers, network servers and proprietary file formats. I started with Libranet, then Mepis, then sidux and finally Debian. Over ten years ago I bought a laptop with Linux (the laptop was in a box, the Knoppix CD in an envelope, but without the necessary drivers: GPU, wireless, sound etc.). So I installed Mandriva, later Magea, and this is how I could use it until it passed away.

Now I am faced with the same issue now. I bought the laptop I am writing from, an HP Pavilion which is too new for Debian testing. The live Manjaro KDE works with a minor tweak (boot with 'systemd.mask=mhwd-live.service') to deactivate the Nvidia driver. I am not so lucky with the installed system. I can get to the command line OK if I add '' when booting, but even inquiring the graphical setup with 'inxi -G' completely freezes the laptop.

So this is why am here. Because Manjaro sees all my hardware correctly with the possible exception of the discrete Nvidia Geforce GTX GPU. Because it is a fun and snappy system (at least on the USB), because it is bleeding edge (at least, relative to Debian) and still friendly. And because there is a lot of Manjaro and Arch documentation available to overcome my last hurdle. If only I knew the proper starting point! This is what I hope to find out elsewhere on this forum.


just popping in to say


I`ve tried many Distros over the years and have recently been using Manjaro Deepin(love the DE).
Got a bit disillusioned with the heavy system usage(memory and CPU)and lag in general so started using W10 more(dual boot) .
Then I gave Xfce a try and have now installed KDE.

Snappy responsive and looks good with a few tweaks(still many more to apply (probably))

I think WOW just about covers it :grinning:


I'm from India, a few years of Linux experience. I was using Arch before I moved to Manjaro. I've tried a lot of distros, and decided to settle for something based on Arch, for now anyway. :v:


Hello everyone!!

My account is not new since I was keeping an eye on manjaro for some time.

Short version: after I bought a new laptop I decided to dual boot windows 10 and manjaro. I screwed it all and now I have only manjaro installed on my laptop. My final objective was to eventually get rid of win10 when I'd get used to 100% linux. So far I have only to say:
team must be awesome to provide something like this.

Long version:

I'm an engineering student and at some point I had to use linux for programming courses. I usually would use on virtual machine or dual boot depending on the computer hardware. Some years ago I started using dual boot with windows and a linux distro because my laptop was getting old and I had lots of errors and stuff on windows that we're really grinding my gears. Since I changed to windows 10 I've been hating it for several reasons: data collection and monitoring, annoying apps that I can't remove or get installed back, debugging and solving errors is a pain and I always get thrown hundreds of possible solutions to try and it never gets right or screws something else (e.g, my brightness button shortcuts stopped working and it proved impossible to solve), heavy on resources, need to configure to for basic stuff like python etc, laptop getting super slow and inefficient, etc... each year hating it more.

At least for me, since I got to use linux on daily basis some long time ago (when you had to tweak screen resolution on system files, etc etc) it's easier to fix things than in windows. In win I never get to know why something does not work and how it got solved (if by miracle I manage that). So my path was win+ubuntu, win+debian (a bit shock in dealing with debian in the beginning), solo debian and then solo windows. After that, I bought a new laptop and decided to try dual-boot with win10 and manjaro. However, I gave a try to an install method that was totally new to me and I really screwed up, ending up by deleting partition table and starting from scratch. So on my disk there was nothing now. No windows, no recovery partition etc. I was a bit shocked but since my objective was to install dual boot and then after I got used to be on linux 100% time again I'd dump all windows related partitions. I guess I took a shorcut on the issue. So far so good!! Loving manjaro, I don't miss windows at all, it has been very smooth transition. I only miss playing heroes of the storm (the only game I've been playing for a long time) which I didn't manage to get running unfortunately.

So I'll be sticking around for a long time I hope! Cheers!!


This is much like my story, but I was fortunate enough not to delete my Windows prematurely. However looking back at it I certainly would have gotten over it very quickly. I run straight Manjaro now and I couldn't be happier!


WineHQ Heroes of the Storm
I don't know what you've already tried, and sometimes, even with knowing what to install, the odd game won't run, but it looks like it can run okay ... would be worth asking on the Wine forum too, and/or asking in the games section here. :slight_smile: :+1:t2:

You can install wine-staging directly via Octopi, and Playonlinux also ... I've just looked in their list of installables, and the game comes up in that! So Playonlinux should take care of anything needed; again, 99% certain, but definitely worth trying.



my name is Andi and I’m from Germany. I’ve tested for few years several Linux distros. I started with Linux Mint and tried OpenSuSe, Ubuntu, Debian. At least last year I heard about Manjaro. Personally, it has been interesting for me because it’s a community based project, mainly developed in Europe (it’s not the main point) and a rolling-release OS with its own repos. Another aspect which convinced me is having a big choice of DEs/spins and to switch to different Kernels.

Therefore I hope that we all here will help each other.




Thank you for the reply!!

I installed via lutris following a guide posted on reddit. However I changed a system file and I hope it didn't screw anything (to enable esync). I'll try that one tonight!!

The reply sure feels like a warm welcome!!


Hi Spiro :slight_smile: Glad you're happy here. I haven't tried lutris/anything more complex ... not very tech, lol ... but Playonlinux does a great job and is straightforward to use. Look at the gamersonlinux site too (gamersonlinux), for some great guides, where he shows people how to install things manually through Playonlinux. There's also the Playonlinux forum: Playonlinux forum.
If you have any issues, there's also the gaming section here. Hopefully the install goes through perfectly well; excited to hear if it does!


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