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Hello I am new to Manjaro and Linux in general. I started to mess with Ubuntu back in 2010. My computer back then had Vista and I was looking for something that wouldn't have a blue screen and I found it with Ubuntu however that's as far as I really got with it. It's not until now that I stumbled upon Manjaro that I really started to mess around with it. I was looking for something that was user friendly. The reason for my stumble upon Manjaro is because I was looking for something more secure than Windows and I just don't really like how heavy windows is on my computer so I thought I would give this a shot.

I got my entire setup on my profile, and I can't wait to see what Manjaro can do.


kiaOra (Hi) from this kiwi lad (New Zealand). I've been using linux on my asus UX31e zenbook for the last 2years. I first used Ubuntu, and quickly switched to Linuxmint (now running 18.3) and LinuxMint remains my main OS. but on the side I have made several partitions on my SSD to try new distros which now includes Manjaro xfce. This is my first attempt at a Arch linux distro but keen to give it a shot. I mainly use my laptop for live streaming sports and movies so if anyone can give me tips on how to get the most from my manjaro for this I'd like to hear from you. :smile:



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Have fun and Welcome!

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Hi all!
My name is Christoph and I've been thinking and trying to fully migrate from Windows to Linux since about 2006, when I've first learned about Linux (Debian 3.0 Sarge back then, we used it in school a few times).
It never came to my mind that there might have been other choices of operating systems besides Windows and MacOS until that very moment.

I started trying to get along with Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake (what else would a first time user try back in 2006?) and since then have been fiddling with different distributions like Arch Linux (+ arch labs), many versions of Ubuntu and Debian (+raspbian), Solus, OpenSUSE, Knoppix, etc. etc.

But even though I tried so many different distributions with varying success, never has any other distribution besides Manjaro made me just forget that I had Windows installed for a few weeks.
It is still lingering on my second (smaller) SSD just in case (I do play games and stuff), though now I can actually see me removing it at one point in time.

An old dream may just come true.
Thank you for such a great distribution.


Now that my laptop is running as it should I can say a proper hello!

I've been using Linux Mint for 4 or 5 years now, exclusively over the last 2 years but have always had a lead weight security blanket called Windows installed alongside.

After replacing a dying HDD I took the opportunity to rid myself of Windows once and for all since I haven't used it in a very, very long time. At the same time I wanted to switch to Manjaro, having read so many positive things about it.

So here I am!

It was a difficult install, ran into some bugs that were well beyond my paygrade and I saw right away how helpful, patient and non-judgmental this community is for people like me who know just enough to get in trouble! :grin:

Seriously, some of you have been immensely helpful and I am thankful.

This is a beautiful operating system, currently using Gnome and I'm thoroughly enjoying learning and using it. I can't say how much I've appreciated help from the community already and I hope some day to be able to give just a little bit of that back.


Hello everyone, I am from Ukraine. My name is Max Manjaro is a distribution to which I constantly return. I have tried many distributions but I think manjaro is the best. I work as a system administrator and manjaro can be very useful to me. I am using xfce right now but used kde before. By the way, I installed a few manjaro user workstations at work.


Hi. My early experience with the foundations of Linux was with Minix 2, probably around the end of the 1990s. And probably a few distros a few years later. It was the fun days when you had to figure out how to configure these systems to work with whatever CRT monitor you had. GUI's? You have to be kidding. It was strictly command line. Working in a Microsoft software house as a senior systems engineer, I really didn't do much with it. Lately, in retirement, I've been working on web development with websites on a Linux based provider, so I have been looking for a system to set up at home for development.

So far, I'm pretty frustruated. I learned of Arch Linux and it sounded ideal. A minimalist system designed for developers. And I have had luck getting Manjaro to run on a Raspberry Pi 4 of all things. I installed it with the Xfce GUI. But I'm having trouble getting development software: specifically a apache-mySQL-php stack which would be similar to the environment on the production server. But it seems to be unrecognized by pacman and alternative attempts to install fail. This is not helped by the fact that Oracle apparently has curtailed "express" use of mySQL and the alternatives are not the same as commercial MySQL.

As an old C and C++ programmer, I've looked for a gnu-cpp package. But again, I've not found one for Manjaro. I also have become addicted to Visual Studio Code for development in HTML, Python, php and the various Javas. I probably would use it on Manjaro, if I could find it. I actually have a flavor of it running on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspian.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how a development Linux is possible when there are no development tools for it.


Hello. My name is Krešimir, I am a physicist from Croatia.

I've been using Kubuntu for about 3 years, but I got fed up with it (and Canonical) and I've been thinking about distro hopping onto something better. So, a couple of weeks ago I've decided to give Manjaro KDE a try and I fell in love with it, and yesterday I decided to completely part ways with Canonical: I installed Manjaro on my main desktop computer. I am greatly enjoying the transition so far, apart from a few issues which are due to my inexperience with this particular distro.


Hello from Wyoming, I'm new to linux and manjaro xfce, been on linux since May, tryed 4 or 5 distros, now I'm trying manjaro xfce, seems to be going Ok, I really am liking this still learning terminal commands, (mt achilles heel right now).


Hello everyone!

I have been sort of hopping around different Linux distributions for a few months now and have finally decided to "settle down" with Manjaro. I was looking for something very lightweight, minimalist, and customizable to use on my 6 year old laptop and so far I am loving it!

I hope that as I learn more and gain experience I will be able to contribute to this community.

Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky!

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Hello, I am Brazilian, 19 years old and installed Manjaro on my laptop yesterday! So far I really like it!

Edit:I am coming from Win10, Majaro is my first distro and linux experience.


Hi there, I am German, 29 years old and
came from Ubuntu (2017-2019) to Manjaro in August 2019.
Former Power-User in Windows (up to 7 Ultimate)

So far I'm really glad for switching to Manjaro.



Hey everyone,

My name is Ben. I'm in rural East Texas. I just did my first Linux install this week! Got my hands on an old Lenovo Thinkcetre with an Intel Core 2 Duo for free and figured I'd try to resurrect it with Manjaro. So far so good.

I've been getting into Linux for a few months now via podcasts and youtube videos. I am saving up money for my first PC build and was drawn to linux as a free OS for that build. I'm excited to get hands on before I even have that build ready to go. I look forward to learning from everyone here and diving deep into open source software.


Hi everyone,
I'm Kaila and I have been using linux here and there for about 6 months but mostly sticking to windows. I first started with Ubuntu based distros and I learned a little bit from just messing around with the terminal. I finally decided I was going to wipe Windows 10 from my machine as of about a week ago and I chose Manjaro to use as my replacement OS. I'm fairly computer literate but I am very excited to learn even more through my Linux journey. I eventually want to start building programs and coding myself and after much thinking decided that I would do that as a full time Linux user other than at my job. I hope this post wasn't too long and I can't wait to talk with everybody.


Hey there, been on Linux on and off since 2013 but took a full plunge in April this year. Discovered Linux gaming with proton and lutris from watching LinusTechTips and Level1Techs. I used Ubuntu but once I got familiar with how linux works I switched to Manjaro. Threw it on a Dell Latitude I'm typing on now. It's faster than I thought it was going to be. I swear I clicked install, went to the bathroom, grabbed a snack at and a drink, came back it was done. The best part, no issues creeped up with nvidia. I checked it through terminal and it seems it's using the intel graphics. I'll just leave it for now.

I also have two Alienwares now and wondering if I should throw Manjaro on them. By doing that I lose compatibility with some games. So maybe I'll leave Windows on one and stream the games from it on with the other one in Linux :man_shrugging:



I'm Steven, 23 from Germany.
I moved to Manjaro on my laptop that's 4 years old due to the fact that windows doesn't run well at all anymore on it. And also I'm annoyed by constant issues and data collection and whatnot.

So far zero issues with it yet. I'm about to buy a PC soon not yet yet on hardware or where I will go. May also go to Apple possibly. But we will see soon.


Welcome to Manjaro.

Saw this the other day - you might want to rethink buying Apple computers:


The MacBook pro doesn't seem to have cooling issues but yeah this is dumb design.


Hey, I'm Steve.
Im recently trying to make the switch over from Debian based systems to arch. Manjaro was what I decided to go with after a little research... Im a fan of the LX environments, however I want full 32bit support in order to tinker with phones (debugging) or whatever. My intentions are to install 32bit then upgrade the kernel to amd64 then proceed with trying to make the gitlab switch.
I'm kinda the new guy I guess... So I'm going to try and keeo to myself for the most part and read and learn from other peoples mistakes. Thats usually how I learn the best anyway, with my mouth shut. Don't worry though... I'll come up with my share of dumb questions. When i do at least kick me in the right direction rather than kicking me for sport. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi all - I'm Michael hailing from Boston, MA.

Brand new to Manjaro and I've been trying it out on my laptop for the past week or so. Still in the testing phase and making sure that I can do everything I want in the way that I want - so far, so very, very good. Eventually, I think I'm going to be happy enough to install it on my desktop.

I've been a linux user for a few years now after one of my windows updates crashed my system in most awesome style, which made me go screw it and switch to linux and I've never looked back since. Over the past few years I've used Linux Mint, Ubuntu Mate and Solus.

Looking forward to learning and playing more with Manjaro.


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