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As recommended in several threads, I wanted to create a new user for another desktop environment. I have xfce installed besides i3 and I created a new account for xfce. Hoping not to mess up the different settings, I followed the advice given in post no. 29 by reikdas in this thread:

So I installed manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings first, then created a new user following these instructions:

I logged out, logged in to the new account. Then I logged back in the old account to reinstall the manjaro-i3-settings. Checking the new account, the manjaro-i3-settings were reinstalled there, too. So did I miss something, because I hoped to get the opportunity to change configuration/settings independently from the other user account? any suggestions?

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have you done update 2019-08-13 ?

Hope you made backups first. :wink:

The answer is: Yes. Actually, this update made me decide creating an extra user account, because things went a bit strange after this update, e.g. key assignments changed in xfce. I already used xfce and i3 parallel with one account for a year without any problems. Is there a reason why you ask?

To be honest: No. But I will do that. Until now, nothing seems to be broken. I only have two accounts which seem to use the same configuration.

so there is no more manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings ,
its manjaro-xfce-settings

Probably my misunderstanding, I thought it was the other way round. Thank you for that one.

But anyway, is there a way to configure the system (different desktop environment [DE]) through a new user account, leaving the other user account (and the other DE) untouched? Because changing the DE-settings install led to a change in the other account's install as well.

Do I have to make something with the content of /etc/skel? For example, do I have to move the hidden folders and files from /etc/skel to home folders?

As someone who was using manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings, do I need to replace the package to update? I am getting xfce 4.14 upgrades on manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings.

The recent xfce4-settings update seems to have fixed my original problems with the keybinding assignments. These settings seem to work with i3 (manjaro-i3-settings) as parallel DE for the same user account.

Is there a major difference between xfce4-settings and manjaro-xfce-settings?

And: I am still interested in a solution to create new accounts who are able to have different settings independent from each other, e.g. manjaro-xfce-settings vs. manjaro-i3-settings.

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