New user, one error after the other

I just installed Manjaro after Debian did a number on me, because everyone says Manjaro is awesome.
I have a tendency to give up easily, and Manjaro is testing it right out of the box.

  • Luks decrypt takes a LONG time. I have a brand new XPS 13 with a fast NVMe drive and an i7-10710U. It takes ~10 seconds after I type in the password before the drives are unlocked. Took under 1 second in debian with LUKS so I assume something is awry.
  • Luks decrypt doesn't respect keymap. I've set lang=nb_NO in grub.cfg, and vconsole.conf says KEYMAP=no. Also updated grub manually and updated the kernel, no such luck
  • Downloading packages stopped several times, had to kill the process and delete the pacman db lock to finally download everything
  • Trying to install updates I get "Failed to commit transaction, invalid or corrupted package:" with no packages listed. Haven't added any repositories
  • Tearing with Intel integrated graphics. The entire screen goes fully LCD trip on me, and a couple of times it doesn't return to normal. Happens after every boot, but usually it normalizes after a few seconds

Sooo..... could somebody have pity on me and just help me "fix everything" before I spiral into my usual hissyfit and start installing openSuse and realize that it's even worse?

Try the following:
sudo pacman -Scc
sudo pacman-mirrors f7 && sudo pacman -Syyu

And perhaps it would be better to open a new thread for each of your issues with appropriate title to get proper attention to that specific issue. Also:


Thank you, I'll split them up and see how that works out.
Your solution for pacman worked brilliantly. There was some mesa update so maybe that'll fix the tearing issues.

Great! You are welcome!

And welcome to Manjaro community!

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