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Hi, I am on a raspberry pi 4 looking to do some minor things to set up for a family room entertainment hub. I would like to eventually get spotify on the device, but unsure of where to start
I chose to use manjaro as I had used it before on my mothers old pc to prevent her from going to dangerous sites, but I have learned that there is somewhat of a difference between using it on a laptop and on a pi
Just looking for tips on where to start as most threads that I have found begin somewhere in the middle of the process or are ended with but that is outdated now. Any help would be appreciated to just kick start to the base stuff. Things like getting flatpak and snaps have shown up in most threads that I have read but I have been unable to get them to work

This would probably be the starting place.

For example, is Spotify even available for ARM?

I have seen mixed responses on threads, but they are from 2018 and range from no to yes to its just an outdated package you have to edit

Have you gone to the Spotify website to find out, or are you wanting someone here to do that?

I checked but most threads on there are from 2012 and the more recent ones have gotten very few responses if any as far as I have seen
There have been updates from spotify saying yes its right here but it gets linked to a dead 404 page

The Spotify Linux download page,

says that you install using Snap,

which has this:


so no, it's not available for ARM.

You can probably just use the web player though.

Thank you
Like I said I'm new to installing things and wasn't completely sure what to look for. My experience on my mothers computer was creating a few links to websites on the desktop and installing chromium which was just in the add software.
That will work fine for what I am looking to do

There also seems to be the same version for flatpak if you prefer that:

On my list of projects for my pi.

I've seen reports that with widevine support for DRM installed you can use nativefier to wrap up spotify in an electron app successfully. But I have yet to successfullly get widevine properly set up.

Apparently further reading, there is no widevine option for 'aarch64' currently.

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