New users! Please listen

Dear New user,

I am not a technical person, but I am using Manjaro over last two years. I have seen from different posts citing the information from Distrowatch in this forum regarding the acceptance of Manjaro is increasing. However, I have seen lots of new users complaining about the easiness of using Manjaro. These types of post got increased recently as many are coming from very large Linux communities (especially stable distros).
In my opinion Manjaro is one of the best user-friendly and active community working on Arch Linux base. Hence, I request the new comers to consider some of my points before criticizing the Manjaro for its easiness of use.

This distro is based on concept of rolling-release. Thus there are chances of crashes and issues. Thus please follow and read forum announcement before update. If you have doubts please ask in the forum if it is not discussed earlier.

As far as I know, the Arch Linux developers, even Manjaro developers expect you to do some level of self-help. Moreover, please follow the forum, even if you don't have any questions. You will learn and understand our good developers.

Most of the applications are available in Manjaro repositories. Sometimes, you may need to depend on AUR. However, Manjaro is not responsible regarding the AUR packages. It is better to ask the owners of AUR packages itself regarding the problems of that packages, if it is not discussed eariler in Arch wiki or AUR comment section. Sometimes, for some AUR packages you may need some support from Manjaro. We all are here to help you, please feel free to raise your problem in the forum, with most probability it will be solved.
The users of Arch and Manjaro wants the users to install many of the packages by themselves because they dont want to make Manjaro a "bloated OS". You are free to install it from the repository or AUR. If you face issue, please come to us (if it is not discussed earlier). There are some discussions regarding listing and applications used by most of the users. May be in future, it may help in defining the list of must software in the iso.

Manjaro developer community is small compared to big names like Ubuntu, Linux Mint and all which you may be familiar with. But, as far as I know the community is active and ready to help within their constraints. Thus the comparison posts and "Raves and Rants" based on the comparison may not be a good idea. There are people who tries to help people selflessly and if you are using some words without considering their emotions sometimes (very rarely) results in sarcastic or harsh comments. It is not because they are rude, but they expect you should understand and appreciate the Arch culture.

The suggestions are always welcome. But please use appropriate headings and words. I accept the fact the most of us are non-English natives. But it will be better if you could put some effort to understand the Manjaro / Arch culture, the working of Forum, and people behind this great distro before posting "Why Manjaro is not like Ubuntu / Mint/ ..." or "Manjaro is not useful..", etc. There are lots of effort going behind this beautifully crafted distro.

(I was writing this post because recently I have seen may posts from new users in this line of thought, but some of them carried intimidating heading. Most of the long time users responded them regarding how they can use it, but some of them got intimidated because of their huge effort went into the community for long time or their appreciation of the work done by great people behind it. The sarcasm/harshness in the post is not personal )

I was just noting down some of the things came to my mind. Please forgive if I misunderstood or misinterpret something. Please correct me or improve my opinion if it make sense to you.


That is a really good post. I've been using Manjaro for three years now and while I had some issues I quickly fixed them with self-help and some advice from the users here.

And yes I do read the announcements before doing the major updates.


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I have to say that there are very few, welcoming, and sincere communities that are able to match manjaro's. I have happliy used manjaro everday since its earliest beginnings... I am extremely grateful.


Well done. Hats off to you!


I use Manjaro since 2016 more or less and another useful advice I can give to newcomers is: always use the forum search function! It's powerful and it quickly searches the overall forum posts for what you're looking for, youl'll be very happy with it.


This. Upon entering any new culture, whether it be social, technical, whatever, it is critical that one spend some time understanding the what/how/why of where they are. :+1:


I have to say that I believe this still holds true.

Remember, especially in times of stress like these, be generous and kind to yourself as well as others. :sunrise_over_mountains:


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