New version of Steam Play (with Windows games support)

Thanks @LucyDemoon for this link! "Steam Play Compatibility Reports" or spcr


Interesting. I wonder if this will be a positive or negative thing in the long-term.

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I saw this news this morning and I have since then pondered a bit over it.

I am by no means a hardcore gamer, but I do play a game from time to time, and sometimes that is using Wine.

But the more I think about this, the more I think that this is bad for Linux gaming in the long run.
Sure, the currently released Windows-only titles are now playable under Linux. GREAT.
But what incentive does this give game developers going forward?

A game company is making a game. They already decided to distribute it through Steam to hit the largest userbase with minimal effort.
Some users give them the feedback of a Linux client wish.
They look at Steam, and now the Steam Play / Proton approach and decides to make a Windows game using DirectX 11/12, because that's what the developers know. Because Proton now translates that to vulkan, they have now "granted" the wish of running the game on Linux.
But it is not actually running on Linux. It's running in Wine. It's just seemless to te user.

This discourages developers to get more into Vulkan and Linux native games, since they can now "cheat" that system.
I would much rather they focused on using Vulkan and push the native Linux clients instead, which the help of Valve.

This is only good for games already released. Newer games will never see a Linux client because of this.


When DaaS hits the mainstream. As for now its a business/enterprise move.

It's a problem. But how can we convince the devs to work with linux. They see it as a niche hobby. I really think if DaaS hits the mainstream user of the world. I think they will open there eye. See if there something better for them. Pay the extra money to apple or see if there a free option. There a lot tools now. And linux is getting better. But is still need more improvement to fit the need and easy of used for the non tech people.

It's chicken and egg problem. Not enough Linux gamers -> no support at all. No support -> no Linux gamers.

I just feel this is not the way to solve that problem.

BUT those proton gamers will be counted as Linux sales. We can increase the linux counter playing those titles :slight_smile:


I was curious about this thing since I saw an article on gamingonlinux about it.
This is great news and Valve is going in the right direction, because the only way to grow their user base on Linux is to have more AAA title on that platform. As soon as this is the case, devs will automatically look to proper support Linux.


I agree with this approach.
People like game, not necessary the OS.
Proton support windows game on linux>More people migrate to linux>More demand for native game due to performance.

Personally I like this idea, sure its not a ideal solution and it would be nice to have native games but at the same time if its a way to play games made only for windows in linux without wine I am all for it.

Why is this always the same story, every time?

People just care about playing their games in the first place.
And you'll never break the circle when every year 95% of the previously released games has never and will never be ported willingly.

And native doesn't necessarily mean "good" either (in fact the proton issues tracker already has some about wanting to force windows version, even when native is available)

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Maybe because some people (like me) wants to vote with their wallets.

Is it at least gonna be possible to tell the difference of a Linux native game and a Proton enabled game in the Steam Store?

Best news of the day/week/month!

By looking at the original message from Valve you should be able to see this in game properties.

In the library, they are clearly marked with a textbox.
In the store, be it because it's still in beta or whatnot, no advertisement has changed.

p.s. then don't make it a black and white situation

Well this will bring more games to Linux that we didn't have before. Great for those games which are not likely to see a native Linux client anyway. I do hope however that having this doesn't mean developers aren't going to release Linux versions of their future titles.

Either way it is a wait and see what happens.

So how does this work? I just buy a Windows game that is supported?

Even the ones not supported enabling a function :slight_smile: You buy a Windows game and start it on linux

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Thanks. I'm thinking of trying out some Windows games I already have on Steam. Such as Fallout4

This is basically my fear as well. However, it is hard to see the future. It could have the opposite effect as well. Getting more gamers to switch Linux which drives more developers to develop for Linux natively.


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