New version of Steam Play (with Windows games support)

I started to wonder on the compatibility list that users are updating. How many of them are using hybrid GPUs with Bumblebee and they don't know that Vulkan won't work on it and thus DX10 and DX11 games most likely won't run correctly or at all?

If someone from here is using Bumbleebee, I wrote a guide how to access Vulkan on it by using nvidia-xrun:

I wonder if someone has tried to run Elite Dangerous. If so, how does it perform? Thanks

Look at the link above. The results were not promising.

Seems like it doesn't work well for him. At least, for now.

As of today, Steam Play is out of beta and available to everyone in the regular Steam Client.


That was quick. I thought it would take longer for that to happen.

I completely agree with you. I'm following their github daily, given the issue count they should have done at least one month of beta testing, not a week or so...

I just looked at Steam news and they still mention the Steam Play for Linux is still in beta. Where did you read that it was out of beta?

I wouldn't be surprised that this will be in beta for at least another year.

Look here:

I haven't switched from the Beta Client to the regular one. Maybe it's still in beta, but simply available even to the regular Steam Client...

Yep, is as I said, quoting the article:

So essentially, Steam Play is the same as before as it's in Beta but it's now available to everyone on Linux.

Wow, I thought it will take at least few months. They could have optimized it for more games, worked out some kinks, etc. Beta gave them opportunity to gather the data and improve it away from the eyes of the wider public. Now it's more accessible to anyone. Not as if it was hard to get it before but many users won't opt in for beta Steam. Now they don't have to.

Proton works fine but is not a miracle and some games won't work or won't work correctly with it. That's perfectly fine but I hoped they just work on it a but more to widen the scope of titles that will be playable.

Unless they are fine with the current list and happy with the testing results. It may be a matter of different expectations.

It's probably out of beta for the games they have in their "supported" list. The Steam beta will likely enable other games to gather data for those before adding them to the stable list.

I wonder by Valve doing this will bring large numbers of Gamers over to Linux?

For me I will be keeping my windows install for now and maybe keep it even after this becomes more viable (as 250 gigs on my NVME is too big for linux on its own :D)
besides with glitches like no sound and such well it will take some time to iron out the kinks

Well I have been playing Fallout shelter since last night, and boy does time fly when playing this game.

I just know it's not going to be easy trying to make all those games work under Linux and never is easy this is the only real reason to keep a Windows install when you are a gamer such as myself.
It sure as heck not going to be anytime soon that this will catch on and bugs will be ironed out, it's going to be a rather Herculean effort to make everything work as it should.

The worst part about the whole damn thing is that i actually think that Windows 10 is actually great with gaming as it uses resources quite well, it's certainly much smoother at the operation then both Windows 7 and Windows 8 if it wasn't for Microsoft wanting to be Microsoft and putting unnecessary crap inside the operating system it would be fantastic. With all honesty I would probably love Windows 10 if it wasn't for all the damn baggage such as Cortana not to mention when you update you get crap like Candy Crush Saga installed when you didn't want it in the first place, but then again that kind of goes in line with Microsoft and how it does things two steps forward and two steps back


This is awesome! Updated first post with your link.

found it in the google doc with the list of all games

This is a great video showing how can you tweak Proton's prefix (just like Wine prefix) of chosen game with Winetricks:


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