New version of Steam Play (with Windows games support)

I wonder how long will it take Valve and the Wine and other folks to move Steam Play out of beta? A Year?

Are the BloodRayne games any good?

Since I tried this out the windows games I loaded work well. Problem is my linux game now seems to be messed up. :eyes:

Which ones?

From windows the ones that work are 1/ Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl & 2/ Defense Grid - The Awakening. Can't see any difference.

The linux one that seems to have been affected is Defense Grid 2. (might have something to do with the games settings - not a priority so have not dealt with it yet.)

LOL, this is user's input and there is no way around such flawed classifications. At least there is a comment box that gives that info. Still, this is a valuable document, it may save us a time to try a game that was consistently reported as not working or not working well. At least for now. Later such list will be as good as the ones from Wine HQ - outdated and useless.

However, Valve can put it to good use to quickly sift through the games that are least problematic and mark them as compatible. I believe that when we won't mark on Steam Play settings "All games", Steam will allow us to install only those from the list. This is good for newbie and inexperienced users and probably has a chance to be default for Steam machines? We'll see.

Bummer Resident Evil HD doesn't work yet. That is a game I really wanted to check out.

In this video

the user resolve is issue adding -forced3d9 in his Launching Options
If someone has a similar issue, you can try this.
By the way, the feature is still in beta, considering that, these are great results in my opinion.
Time to build a Steam Machine for Christmas? :wink:

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VAMPYR seems to works pretty well on wine staging:

Have someone tried it on the new Steam Play?

@salome, due Steam's Proton, I've installed Manjaro Openbox today (still in the process of configuring it to suit me). I've come back to Manjaro as trying to get everything needed up to cutting edge on Debian based distros is too hard for me (I know the Arch way SO much better, I also know that others that know the Debian way well wouldn't have a great deal of trouble).

I'll have to modify the Manjaro install with the Obarun S6 init or something... later...

Good stuff though, not often anything new & exciting happens computing wise these days (for me at least). :wink:

Have fun building your new rig!

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I mean.. on a linux forum probably most people were already used to wine.

Dx9 works just fine.
And PES should too tbh

Not sure why it currently doesn't work with Proton, but here are some thoughts.
It requires dotnet 40 for the settings.exe which I could ever only get running in 32 bit prefix, maybe Proton uses only 64 bit? Also it will not work with dxvk enabled, so I may need to force disable it in Proton. Will play later with it to see if I can get it running.

I started to wonder on the compatibility list that users are updating. How many of them are using hybrid GPUs with Bumblebee and they don't know that Vulkan won't work on it and thus DX10 and DX11 games most likely won't run correctly or at all?

If someone from here is using Bumbleebee, I wrote a guide how to access Vulkan on it by using nvidia-xrun:

I wonder if someone has tried to run Elite Dangerous. If so, how does it perform? Thanks

Look at the link above. The results were not promising.

Seems like it doesn't work well for him. At least, for now.

As of today, Steam Play is out of beta and available to everyone in the regular Steam Client.


That was quick. I thought it would take longer for that to happen.

I completely agree with you. I'm following their github daily, given the issue count they should have done at least one month of beta testing, not a week or so...

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